The Handiest of Traps

It’s no secret that Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy has a huge impact on competitive Yu-Gi-Oh leading up to nationals this year. The prophecy archetype is coming full circle with the release of Spellbook of Judgment, and Elemental Dragons are ready to hit the ground running with their most important cards coming out in this set. Prophecy players are able to amass enormous card advantage on their first-turn with Spellbook of Judgment, effectively spelling defeat for their opponent by hand advantage alone. Elemental Dragons have a similar turn one play by utilizing Super Rejuvenation to refill their hand after summoning Read more

What’s up guys, my name is Matt Goehring and today I’d like to talk about mental traps in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m not talking about Mind Crush, the thing I’m talking about is the mindset players can fall into whenever they’re faced with something that seems too hard to handle. Mental traps can be defined in different ways, but generally it’s a way of thinking that frustrates us, stifles our creativity, and doesn’t get anything accomplished. There a lot of different things that can cause a player to develop a bad attitude or become frustrated with the state of Read more