How I am Becoming a Better Player

To start things off, I do not want this article to come off as cocky or anything of that nature.  I am trying to simply get better at the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! and want to share some things that I believe may make you better at the game too.  Some readers will glance over this article and see nothing that they don’t already know, and that is fine.  Hopefully, though, I can share what I have learned in the last year or so, and have it make an impact on our player base. I got back into the game of Read more

I would like to start off by saying thank you to Alter Reality Games for allowing everyone to participate in this contest, and to allow those who are not the current top-tier duelists to get their thoughts and opinions out to the Yu-Gi-Oh! playing world. With that being said, recently, I have been viewing Jarel “Pro” Winston’s YouTube channel ( and paying close attention to his various interviews with star players of the past and present. People like Billy Brake, Cesar Gonzalez, Dale Bellido, etc. who have proven their ability to consistently top events and grow as players. If you Read more