From Dawn Till Dusk - A Look into Amber Dragons

Hey guys, this is Michael Boire coming at you with a new article. I’d like to take the time to congratulate Johnny and Tyler on winning the Deck Doctor contest. It was an honour competing with you both. I’m proud to have made it where I did and I’m glad that the crown of victory was placed in capable hands. But I’m not here to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh! today. Today I’m here to give you insight into a different kind of dueling. Card fighting if you will. That’s right, welcome to my inaugural Cardfight!! Vanguard article! If you read my Read more

Hey there Yu-Gi-Oh! Community! It’s been a while, how are you guys doing? This is Michael Boire coming at you guys again with another installment of “We Can Rebuilt it”! It’s great to be here again, welcome to my office! In this week’s article we will be looking at Frazier Smith’s Soul Control deck. Soul Control is a very difficult beast to doctor. At its core it is a deck designed to accumulate resources at a rapid pace while also leveraging your life points into an unstoppable wall. It does this through Soul Absorption and a combination of many cards Read more

Welcome back to another installment of my Deck Doctor series fellow ARG-nians. This is Michael Boire, and I’m ready to slash (wait for it) another deck apart and give it some proper mending. Are you ready? We Can Rebuild It! I say slash because today we are going to be looking at Alex Vansant’s X-Saber deck. Sabers have always been a fan favorite. Back in their heyday they were capable of insane plays that generated huge momentum shifts and largely dictated the pace of the game. When you were behind the wheel of these aggressive soldiers you weren’t a duelist. Read more

Hey guys! This is Michael Boire coming at you fellow duelists for my inaugural Deck Doctor article series. In today’s edition, we’re going to look at a deck from back-to-back championship winner Billy Brake as well as one from too-many-YCS tops-to-count-on-one-hand Joe Giorlando! I’m really excited to be taking a peek into the work of such high caliber duelists, and really excited to tear their lists a part! Without further ado, lets get right into it. Instead of posting the entire list and going through each section individually, I’m going to show the different sections of the author’s original build, Read more

Hey there ARG! Dragontamer Michael Boire coming back at you with another article. I know I know. You’re all thinking “again with the dragons?” Don’t worry, there’s a lot more in my arsenal of linguistic Yu-Gi-Oh! knowledge. This is just my favorite. I’d like to first start by congratulating my friend Tanner Trachsel who has also contributed to this contest and got an article posted prior. He’s got a lot to say about Inzektor’s, and I implore you to check it out here: Tanner and I both play at Phoenix Hobbies and Games in Ontario and if there is Read more

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh! Community! My name is Michael Boire and I’m proud to be one of the few Canadian writers to contribute to the ARG Writing Contest! If my name seems familiar, I had a feature match at YCS Toronto in 2010. I didn’t win due to an unfortunate misplay but to heir is human and I can only get better as a player! My other credentials include many X-2 at various Regionals and several local Tops/Wins. Nothing spectacular, but we all need to start somewhere! Let me tell you about my pride, my joy, my vice. I love to play Read more