I just wanna have fun!!!

In a metagame dominated by decks built to spam monsters, lock your opponent out of plays, and swing for big, flashy finishes, what room is there for the rogue deck? With Plant Synchro, Hyperion/T.G. Agents, and Dino Rabbit running the show, with Karakuri, Twilight/Chaos, and Dark Worlds as the supporting cast, there just isn’t a real chance for an upstart deck to take its place in the big leagues. However, fresh ideas are a must to have any sort of fun in this game, and that’s why we play, right? As such, I present unto you three lists sure to give you some fun plays! Read more

In the recent months, Dino Rabbit and Hyperion/T.G. Agents have risen to become top contenders. However, one of our old friends, the HERO deck, has fallen to the wayside, longing for someone to take it back to the top. With the release of the new HERO fusions, the old Named HERO builds will never come back, but what about the Nameless HERO build? Can it make a comeback? Well, here’s my list to do just that! Read more