Round 2 Deck Doctor - Mike Schwankert

Today’s article is the second round for the Deck Doctor contest and I am very thankful to be here. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I am very appreciative to have the opportunity to continue. The deck we’re going to examine below is Alex Vansant’s X-Saber deck, a classic deck updated with newer cards. Through testing I think I have found, in my opinion, to be the most consistent version of the deck and I hope the changes I’ve made will help any X-Saber user in the future. I took the same approach in revising this deck Read more

Hello Yugioh community and ARG readers, my name is Mike Schwankert. As you know, the reason I am here today is to attempt to fix two creative decks built by two of the best to play the game, Billy Brake and Joe Giorlando. Before we get into the decks, I would first like to introduce myself a little. I am 21 years old from New Jersey and have been playing the game on and off since the beginning. I have been attending major events for a few years now and although I haven’t been quite as successful as some of Read more