Kaijudo Article Writing Contest: New Cards and Game Play

Hello Kaijudo fans this is Nathan Bond here to talk to you about cards changing a format.  I am familiar with a lot of the changes in deck styles as they play from where I play.  I play in tournaments with CVH, Earthpower, Carl, Matt Segura, Pogiforce, and the rest of the competitors up at Comic Kings.  There I have seen decks such as Blurple, Saber-bolt, Cobalt Control, and WDF Control all do well, along with many others.  You can see me playing in some of their videos along with my own videos.  Now for what I wish to discuss, Read more

Hello Kaijudo Fans this is Nathan Bond here.  Most of you don’t know me I am very new to the Kaijudo scene, but you can see me in action in the tournaments at Comic Kings with CVH, Pogiforce, and the rest of the crew there. You can also see me on Pogiforce’s videos at Atlantis Games and Comics.  I have my own videos up as Ramboscoob333.  Today what I have for you is some advice going into duel days with a format that most people are not very familiar with.  This format is sealed. Sealed events play very differently than Read more