My Thoughts on Quintet Wall

Intro: I haven’t watched the Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker series since the beginning of the school year, and had to catch up from the time Aichi and the rest of Miyaji Academy arrive at their campsite while Takuto and Kai end up “Reversing” almost the population of Earth. Thanks to Thanksgiving Break, I was eventually able to see not only the new “Reverse” cards in action, but what other supports each deck had since Set 12. What caught my eye the most was the episode between Reversed Korin and Kamui (Spoilers ahead for the next few sentences). When Kamui had Read more

Hey, ARG readers! My name is Nicholas Wong. Not many people know me because I have never visited a Regionals event nor have I participated in any large tier events like the YCS, but I would like to share with you how I got into the game after years of absence, and be sure that people like you can get back into the game, too. Before I begin, I would like to share you my personal history with YuGiOh! My first experience was in 2002, when I was in elementary school; I saw many of my classmates having YuGiOh! cards, Read more