Accumulated Knowledge- 52nd Place Grand Prix Pittsburgh Report

For those of you who had read my last article you know I was on the Valakut Plan at the SCG Richmond Open event when I lost my bubble to the U/R twin deck to fall just short of top 8. Never the less I picked up my list evaluated it and tried to figure out the weaknesses. Back to the testing tables! Here is the 75 I decided to sleeve up. 3 Khalni Heart Expedition 1 Avenger of Zendikar 4 Primeval Titan 3 Inferno Titan 4 Oracle of Mul Daya 3 Summoning Trap 2 Lightning Bolt 2 Natures Claim Read more

Hello readers, my names Nick Montaquila I’m a local player out of Medina, Ohio with some success in the competitive magic scene. My resume consists of a State’s Championship, Midwest Masters series win, Multiple PTQ top 8’s including 1 PTQ win that lead to an appearance at Pro Tour Paris, France, A Star City Games Finals appearance, and invites to the SCG Invitational and Midwest Masters Championship. I believe the little success I have had is due to the fact that after every tournament I try to evaluate what I have learned whether it be a small play mistake that Read more