Placing In The Top 8 In The City Of Brotherly Love

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh fans, my name is Oliver Tomajko. I am an 11-year old player and I love to travel around and compete in large Yu-Gi-Oh events. I have won a few and topped many Dragon Duels. I also just recently top 8’ed the last YCS, YCS Philadelphia, which is what I will be covering in this article.  Normally at YCS’es, I play in the main event for a couple of rounds and then drop out to enter the Dragon Duels. But because I felt like I had improved much as a player and because my friends were telling me to Read more

Hello, for the 3rd time. One last time, if you do not know who I am, I’m Oliver Tomajko. I like to compete at large events and I love building new decks. This time I am going to be talking about a deck that I have been playing for almost two years and it is not a meta deck. This is also the deck that I usually run and I have been in three feature matches with this deck and I won the all. Because i win with this deck even though it is tier 2.5 and because of my Read more

Hello, it’s Oliver again and I had so much fun writing my first article so I decided to make another on. This time I am going to be talking about Steelswarms. So you might have seen the new archetype, Steelswarms, and you might have thought that it was not that good and at first I thought that too. Now that I have played around with them I have found that this deck can be very powerful. I am going to show you my build for this and explain my choices. Monsters: 27 3x Steelswarm Scout 3x Steelswarm Moth 3x Steelswarm Read more

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh Community! For the people who do no know me, my name is Oliver Tomajko and I am 11 years old. I like to compete at big events like Regionals, and YCS’s. Some of you may have read one of my Dragon Duel or main event feature matches. I am a very skillful played and I LOVE to try out different decks. Anyway, let me get to the point of this article. I will be talking about the new deck that is coming out on Order of Chaos, Inzektors. I will be discussing why or why not you should Read more