Blood on the Weeds, A Tale of Love, Rebirth, and Dragons

Hello Yu-gi-oh community! I’m back this week with another article addressing the possibilities of the “Dragon Ruler” deck post 2013 September 1st banlist. Now at first many people question this idea as the deck took a severe beating on this list, loosing the babies was huge for this deck. This loss slows it down enough to be hit out of its “Best Deck” status. When I saw the list rumored on Facebook through Cordero and other avenues, I immediately knew it was real, I had this feeling in my gut. I was devastated by this list; it killed one of Read more

Hello fellow Yu-gi-oh’ers out there, I’m Parker Roberson, the guy who topped Indy like 5 months ago, but whatever, I’m back and with an article that is sure to rock the YUGI world. As I am sure a lot of you know by now Wind-Ups are by no means dead. I started playing wind ups about the time Mermails came out I hadn’t played them the rest of the format and thought it was time to top a few Regionals with them. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DECK. It has easily been one of my most favorite decks ever, Read more