A Noble Cause

Hi all! I apologize for my recent inactivity of late. Since the writing of my last article, the only true ‘free time’ I’ve managed to get over the last month or so ended up being spent at YCS Paris. We’re halfway through this ‘mini-format’ of sorts that has been brought on by the release of Dragons of Legend. The release of [ccProd]Kuribandit[/ccProd] and pals has provided the TCG playerbase with a handful of really good cards that have already begun to make an impact on the meta (compare YCS Paris standing with ARG Richmond standings for example, to get a feel Read more

When the new forbidden and limited list was announced during the middle of March, it seemed as if the majority of players felt rather underwhelmed by it. There were a total of nine changes on the list this time round. Whilst everyone were in agreement with what decks should be hit (namely, Mermail and Fire Fist), there was a general discordance between the player base as to how to best hit them. When the list was published, a limit to [ccProd]Mermail Abyssgunde[/ccProd] was the solitary hit to Mermail, a deck which has been weakened for three successive formats now but still Read more

Generally speaking, I enjoy writing about Yu-Gi-Oh more than I enjoy playing it (albeit marginally), which is good, given that I consider myself a much better writer than I do a player. After losing my third game of the day to an Infernity player (in which all three games lasted a combined total of just under 9 minutes), I had given up hope of making day 2 of YCS Berlin and it was no surprise that my next article wouldn’t be a “Top 32” report. Struggling to think of what I could write for my next article, I began wandering Read more

Hi all! I should probably start this article by saying that when I originally had the idea for this article in mind, Billy Brake hadn’t just topped the ARG Circuit in Nashville and Jeff Jones hadn’t just won ‘The Bash of the Nash’. Up until then, Harpies had managed to slip under the radar this format. Their couple of tops at regional level weren’t any more surprising than the couple of Inzektor or Hunder tops that we’ve seen under this format (as I explained in my last article). Since ARG Nashville however, Harpies have garnered a little bit more attention Read more

Having spent a bit of time this week checking out various regional tops, it had completely slipped my mind that Six Samurai placed in the top 8 at the “1K in 1 Day” ARG event a couple of weeks back and primarily, it’s the inspiration for my article this week. From observations of previous formats, it seems that during the beginning of a format, there is greater scope for decks to cause a shock, or major upset. Two examples that spring to mind are Jeff Jones’ Grandsoil Psychics, which placed 2nd at YCS Toronto 2012 on the first weekend of Read more

Hi all! My name’s Paul, a player from the UK, and this is my first article (of many, hopefully!) for Alter Reality Games. For a little bit of background, I’ve followed this game since its inception and attempted (I use this word loosely) to get into competitive playing almost instantly. The reality was I was too young to understand what devotion to a hobby outside of videogames meant, the lure of which resulted in my physical involvement with YuGiOh! tailing off just after the release of Invasion of Chaos. After an extremely long hiatus, I returned to competitive YuGiOh! In Read more