Nurse! Bring Sedatives - This Poor Soul is Out of Control!

G’day fellow duelists and welcome back to another instalment of the deck doctor contest! – as a quick aside, before you point out that I misspelt  the word ‘instalment’, keep in mind I am Australian; we use words like “reckon”; pronounce aluminum al-you-min-ee-um; and just generally have some odd vernacular. The crux of it coming down to we are incredibly lazy and barely pronounce the letters that ARE there, so we are surely not going to be adding additional ‘l’s where they’re not required! – Back on track! Sorry, I get distracted fairly easily. However, do not fear, this is Read more

An (Gottoms’) Emergency? A (Gottoms’) Emergency? Crap. Grammar. Fortunately for me, you guys didn’t come here for an English lesson or I’d still be struggling with this question. You’re here reading another Deck Doctor article because you want to see a decklist improved upon and, luckily for all parties involved, this is certainly something I believe I CAN  teach. As per last article, I’ll just present you with the decklist exactly as submitted first and I shall then get to work on dissecting  it. I will always endeavour to stay as true to the original list as possible. Luckily, that Read more

The YugiBible – Sunday Scriptures: ‘Defining a Misplay – Do They Exist in the Current Format?’ G’day guys! Back today with another article for ya’ll to read. I intend to submit an article to ARG by every Sunday provided I have time between work, family and whatnot. I understand they will not always be published on Sunday each week due to the review process and so the title for this and future articles may be slightly off – but just go with it guys, I had no other ideas for a nifty title! I will endeavor to write an article Read more

G’day guys! Since everyone else seems to be doing this contest I thought I’d take a crack at it myself. No real need for flashy introductions in which I talk myself up (mostly because I have very little relevant credentials and I don’t want to be that guy who says “I’ve won like 9999999 locals and topped 37 regionals!!) so ill just jump right in and hope the ideas and theory I discuss do that for me. I am unsure exactly what the “budget” or “go to” amount is and, since there was no guidelines on this, I will endeavour Read more

Before you start reading this extremely large wall of text, understand that I have recently spent 60+ hours in airports and aeroplanes and so this has been a long-term cumulative project. I was extremely bored and this gave me something to focus on. As such, it is completely based on theory and next to no actual testing has been conducted. I apologize in advance for its length and the fact that it may deteriorate into a tl;dr moment towards the end. Also for the purposes of this article, and as the title suggests, I am classing budget as between $200-300. Read more

(Disclaimer: If my figures are wrong here please correct me below. Thank you) At the latest YCS in Kansas City there were a few trends/common cards used. I am sure you are all already aware of these cards and probably run them yourself. However, these are the cards I want you to pay specific attention too: Maxx “C” This card was mained by 26 of the top 32 decks There was a total of 73 copies mained This equates to an average of just over 2 per deck mained in top 32 Solemn Warning This card was mained by 23 Read more