How to Prepare for a Regional

Hey guys, I’m here again to share some tips and advice to help you do better in your next regional qualifier. If you’re not prepared for it, you won’t do as well as you think. First off, having a deck that you’re comfortable with is key. Don’t just assume taking a build that has won a YCS will guarantee you a win. You’ve got to play with the deck and see what it can do with you as the pilot. Sometimes you have to change it to better fit your play style or even change it for what you may Read more

When it comes to Yugioh, no one seems to care who you are unless you have “qualifications.” What makes players who are well known, or “famous”, for that matter any better than you or me?  There seems to be only one reason that seems to be relevant:  Experience. My name is Steven Mihalson and I myself am no “pro player.” I’ve been to a handful of regionals and SJC/YCS events. I’ve never done well at the premier events but I have topped a few regionals and have gotten my invite every year since 2008. I also have a channel on Read more