YCS Philadelphia Top 32 Report

This past weekend, I was able to place in the Top 32 of YCS Philadelphia and I’m back here today with my tournament experience! Leading into this event, I was extremely confused on what my deck choice would be. I had tested almost every deck of the format and I was choosing a new deck to play for the event every day. This was the case for me due to the fact that I personally felt that everything was subpar. No deck was able to beat the other decks of the format on a consistent basis. By Thursday night, I had decided that I Read more

     A week and a half ago, I was able to place in the Top 32 of YCS Chicago and today I’m here with my tournament report! Right after my poor performance in ARG North Carolina and loosing to 2 Fire Fist decks in Swiss, I immediately dropped Hieratics. I felt that the deck was too fragile and I was loosing because constant streams of back rows/Wolfbarks were too overwhelming. Essentially the first deck I pick up right after is Fire Fists. (As you can tell from the past few articles I’ve written about Fire Fist and giving examples Read more

Throughout the course of most games, you are put in certain situations where your hand gives you multiple ways to play against your opponent. These multiple options all have different outcomes for the rest of the game, due to the outs your opponents can have and/or the responsive cards your opponent may have for your plays. However if this applies for you, this means it also applies for your opponent as well. While I do believe there is always one correct play in any given situation, knowing how to find the correct play can be difficult at times. But one Read more

For as long as competitive Yu-Gi-Oh has existed, side-decking has determined the outcomes of most matches. Knowing how to build your side deck can immensely decrease the amount of matches that you would have lost to your deck’s bad match ups. But not only do you have to understand how to build your side deck, you must also learn how to efficiently use your side deck as well. Even though a card may be good to side in against the particular match up you’re playing against, there are times where it is not correct to side the card in. Mastering the Read more

For those of you who know me on Dueling Network, (TahmidZaman) probably have noticed the unlimited amount of matches I was playing with “Plus One” Fire Fist all week long. At the start of my testing I used to think every match up was controllable to a certain extent within all 3 games except for the Fire Fist mirror match. I thought this because with the popularity of [ccProd]Full House[/ccProd] rising, most of the games would be won with whoever was able to resolve this card first along with a follow up push. Another reason for why I thought this way Read more

     Hey everyone, my name is Tahmid Zaman and I’m here with you guys today to give you methods I used to grow as a player! Before I dive into my first article ever at Alter Reality Games, I feel it would only be fair to tell you a little about myself. I have been playing Yugioh since 2011 and didn’t start playing competitively or travel until 2012. After having been to 15 major events, I made Top 32 at YCS Rhode Island, Top 16 at YCS Miami, Top 64 at 2013 Nationals, Top 16 at ARGCS Ohio, Top Read more