You may want to reconsider getting rid of your Dantes

What’s up duelists? It has been quite some time since my last YGO related article on any site, let alone here on Today I am going to discuss¬†why the release of Nekroz is not the end of the powerful Burning Abyss archetype! ¬†Last week, as many others were preparing for YCS Seattle and trying to pick up their copies of Nekroz for the event, I spent my time thinking, how could there really be an archetype that could truly challenge Burning Abyss? I mean consistency, power, answers to floodgates? I mean Burning Abyss was in my eyes maybe the Read more

What is up my fellow duelists!? It has been quite some time since my last article! The intention of this article is to point you in the right direction, when deciding on a deck to play at YCS Meadowlands! I have a very strong desire to go, but sadly do not have the funds or time to make the event. Anyways enough about me, I’m sure you didn’t click on this article to hear about my sob stories, or my desires. So lets jump right in. We all know that water reigns supreme at the moment, however with the addition Read more