Artifacts, Battle Cry, and Infect oh my!

Hey guys (and the occasional female reader), it’s me, Tom again. Sorry I’ve been busy with school, but it’s been a quiet week, so I had a chance to throw together some more for all of you! As I have been watching the spoilers over the past week and a half, I’ve had feelings from amazed to appalled. I was expecting a lot more love for artifacts, like how Memnite, Etched Champion, Mox Opal, and Tempered Steel provided artifacts with a mighty army. They provided me with the ability to build an affinity imitating deck in Legacy, Extended and even Read more

The New Extended Affinity: As most of you probably know, extended has changed vastly, even from when it was cut off at the knees. Worlds gave us our first peek at what the extended meta-game might look like after time spiral’s rotation. The top deck breakdown was very interesting, it included the obvious Scapeshift-Valakut, and Faeries, but surprisingly a vast array of other decks got at least 13 points (4-1-1 record). These include Vivid Control, Jund, Elf Combo, G/W Big stuff, RUG Shaman, UW Fish, Mythic Conscription, Doran, and in my opinion, the most interesting, Esper Aggro. By far, Esper Read more