Twilight Roars With Pride - Chaotic Dragon Deck

Before I start the article, I’d just like to share some information about myself. Normally, I’d avoid it. You clicked this for the article, not for my biography. But if I’m going to tell you about a deck, I suppose some credibility behind my tips would help. I’ve been playing Yu-gi-oh since its release, but I started playing competitively and taking the game seriously around four years ago. I’ve kept up with the formats ever since, and play almost every day with my team. I’ve only recently begun going to YCS tournaments, my first being Columbus where I came just Read more

– The Intro – Let’s inform you a little. Konami loves their easy-bake decks that they can just throw in a box and sell to us. Structure Decks are a common release for our beloved Konami to stick their hand in our meta and stir it up a little. Recently, these decks have been organized towards breaking open old archetypes with new support to change the play style up and introduce new bosses to throw around. This trend began with the Dragunity Legion structure deck; this release marked the date when Konami actually read their own rulebook and learned that Read more

And now, for something completely different. We, the unwavering public of the Yu-gi-oh community, have withstood many laughable antics from the lovable Konami Digital Entertainment. They provide us with cards, whether we want them or not, and we throw money, because we really want them. So, the most recent set has arrived by USPS in this frigid season, and I feel it hasn’t received quite the hype from the competitive meta that it may or may not deserve. Given, Hidden Arsenal 5 fought with announcements such as Tour Bus from the Underworld and, God forbid… Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon* for about a Read more