Deck Doctor X-Sabers Return!

Hello again readers I’m back with another deck doctor article for you!  This time it’s an X-saber deck by Alex Vansant.  Now X-Sabers have, in past formats, been a huge contender for the top tables, but now they will usually only be seen lower down if at all.  The deck can still be very explosive in the hands of a player that knows the ins and outs of what the deck can do.  From knowing when to set Emmersblade over Darksoul to getting the most use out of your synchro monsters not just anyone can pick up the deck and Read more

Hello Duelists! My name is William Morrison and I am here to give you my take on a couple of really interesting decks.  The first is a deck made by none other then Billy Brake himself.  Boasting monsters with a hefty 1900 ATK and effects that will stop your opponent in their tracks it’s Rock Stun!  The second is a very unique deck that combines the ritual-summoning arch-type of Gishkis with HEROs.  Each of these decks have their strenghts and weaknesses, but they both have a solid core to build greater things upon. The Deck: First off we have the Read more