Basic Metagaming: How it Works and the Archetypes (Combo, Control and Aggro)

What is Metagaming? People will sometimes hear words thrown around at your local events, like “This an aggro deck that tries to pressure the opponent”; “that something uses this, this and that for a combo”, and so on. But just what are they talking about when they are referring to these types of things? Well, what they are talking about is basic metagaming. Metagaming is understanding concepts about a game that are inherent to doing well, that have nothing to do with the basic rules, and thinking about strength in-game on a level beyond “this got first, so it’s clearly Read more

Hi, My name is Zach Hess. I’m from middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania (otherwise known as a dinky little town called Lock Haven).  I’ve been playing Cardfight since about 2011 — roughly around when Set 2 came out. I’ve been playing this game semi-competitively in that time, alongside of Magic: The Gathering which I’ve been playing since about 2009. I’ve been competing in local box and cash tournaments, and have been watching this game grow alongside of the show that it was based off of. Hopefully we can keep seeing this game grow, and evolve into even more exciting things to Read more