Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants

Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants

Last year we launched Battle Pack: Epic Dawn to rave reviews from our gaming community but this year we are planning to build a set that’s bigger, better, and more bad-ass, we’ve assembled the largest and most powerful monsters ever created, in a carefully constructed tournament environment. Like the first Battle Pack, Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants is designed with sealed play in mind, where Duelists use only their new cards, right out of the packs. War of the Giants is designed to take tactical, skillful play to a level never seen before.

High-level monsters have always been popular with Duelists, but their high-risk, high-reward nature has made them risky in tournament play. War of the Giants finally brings these titans front and center, with a game environment designed specifically with them in mind. And since no booster set that’s focused on the biggest monsters in history would be complete without them, Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants also includes playable versions of all 3 of the most legendary beasts in Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Egyptian God Cards!

Each 5-card pack contains 1 Rare Card, 3 Common Cards, and 1 Mosaic Rare – a brand new shiny card pattern!

Battle Pack 2: War of the giants contains 215 cards: 50 Rare Cards, 162 Common Cards, and 3 cards only available as Mosaic Rares. (All cards in the set are available as Mosaic Rares – 215 cards in all.)

-Konami Entertainment

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