Brave New World By Jeff Jones

opennologoThis is more of a public service announcement than a Yugioh Article (you can expect that one next week, right now I'm training endlessly for YCS Toronto!)

Just a month away is the first ever ARG Open in Texas, and if you haven't heard of it already you can click the link HERE. It's one of the most exciting things to come about in Yu-Gi-Oh in a long time, and it's all for you guys, the duelist of the world.  Not only is that exciting, but it is also great to have a refreshing and super interesting Forbidden/Limited list. What will win? It's really up in the air right now! Anything can win! The format will be very diverse.

We here at ARG have much more in store for the future of our beloved game, including things like tournaments where people like Billy Brake and myself create our own Forbidden/Limited list for a side event, or side events for the peoples beloved Goat Format or possibly even Teledad. Depending on the feedback from you guys, the possibilities are endless.

Not only are we going around the country to create these events, but we are also going to do our very first ONLINE tournament. The first ARG Online Open Tournament will be giving away a total of $750 ARG Store Credit. To start out, we will allow 64 players to duke it out over Dueling Network in 6 rounds of swiss, cutting to a top 8. For more info go HERE. If you plan on signing up, do it fast as spots are limited! They might even be gone by the time this article gets posted.

If this Online Open turns out well, it could get even bigger! More people, larger prizes, you name it. Again, we might even be able to have seperate format tournaments. But of course, we need the feeback from you guys! Thanks to you, our supporters, we are able to do all of this, so make sure if you have any ideas, questions, or comments, to post them in the comments or on ARG's fanpage.

Thanks again for all of our supporters, and we hope to see you at our Tournaments! Until next time guys, play hard, or go home.




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