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Now that ARG Metro Series Montreal is done with, let’s take a bit of time to look back at the players who made top cut! In order of standings after swiss, here are the Top 16 players from ARG Montreal! Keep in mind that these interviews were done before Top 16 began.   Name: Gilles Gibeault Occupation: Kitchen Installer Hometown: Sudbury, ON Deck/MVP Card: Dragon Rulers – Colossal Fighter Previous Accomplishments: Top 8 at a 9-person local, but I think the 8th place guy dropped. What will you spend your prize credit on: Going to Atlanta to chill with thebasedloli Read more

Final Match – ARG Metro Series Montreal – Sehabi Khereddine (Dragunity Ruler) vs. Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family)   Written by: Michael Lottner   Going into the final round at the ARG Metro Series in Montreal, we have Dragunity Rulers vs. Thunder Family, this is gonna be a great matchup!   Game 1: Sehabi wins the die roll and gets the game going with a Terraforming that searches a Dragon Ravine. He then activates sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Redox to draw two and search another copy of Redox. Sehabi discards Dragunity Phalanx with the Ravine to add a Dragunity Dux Read more

Feature Match Top 4 – Dave Trepanier Vs. Nicolas Banville We now enter Top 4 at Dave and Nick’s table, neither of whom are playing Dragon Rulers! Dave has been piloting Thunder Family for quite some time and Nick skillfully wields his Blackwing deck, let’s get started! Game 1: Nicolas starts with a Pot of Duality, revealing Pot of Duality, Blackwing – Kalut, and Blackwing – Sirroco, he takes the Sirroco.  He sets one backrow and passes turn. Dave starts his urn the same way, with a Pot of Duality. He grabs a Mystical Space Typhoon with it before setting Read more

  Top 8: Nicolas Banville vs. Ruo Chen Mo Nicolas is from Ottawa, ON playing Blackwings.  He has a regional top from 2011.  Ruo is here locally from Montreal and topped the last Montreal regionals. Game 1: Ruo opened Geargiarmor, 2 Geargiagear, Geargiano, Genex Ally Birdman, and Mystical Space Typhoon.  He set one monster and three back row. Nicolas began his turn by activating Black Whirlwind and summoning Blackwing – Bora the Spear.  Ruo responded with Mystical Space Typhoon on Black Whirlwind.  Nicolas attacked into Ruo’s facedown Geargiarmor taking 200 damage and adding a Geargiaccelerator into Ruo’s hand!  Nicolas set Read more

Feature Match Top 8 – Ali Yassne Vs. Dave Trepanier   Welcome to Top 8 of the ARG Metro Series Montreal, where Ali and Dave, who were both feature in yesterday’s articles, face off to see who will move on. Game 1: Ali starts the game with a Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster, drawing two, searching Trigon and setting two backrow before ending. Dave’s opening hand is Honest, Mahunder, Recycling Batteries, Pot of Duality, Seven Tools of the Bandit. He draws into a Compulsory Evacuation Device. With Duality he adds a Thunder Sea Horse to hand, which he discards to add Read more

Top 16: Gilles Gibeault vs. Sehabi Kheireddine  Gilles is here today from Sudbury playing Dragon Rulers and his opponent Sehabi is here locally from Montreal.  Gilles went undefeated in yesterday’s swiss portion of the event.  Sehabi previously finished top 4 at YCS Toronto earlier this year with Blackwings.  Today he is here playing Dragunity Rulers.  Sehabi won the die roll and elected to go first. Game 1:  Gilles opened, Debris Dragon, Trigon, Compulsory, Redox, and Blaster.  Sehabi studied his six cards before activating Dragon Ravine.  He pitched Dragunity Phalanx to send Tempest to the graveyard.  He activated Redox banishing Redox Read more

Feature Match Top 16 – Patrick Dago (Frogs) vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings). Time to start off the Top 16 round with an interesting matchup: Frog Monarchs VS. Blackwings! Patrick Dago is the one playing Frogs and his opponent is Nicolas Bainville, these guys are at table 2! Pat wins the die roll and starts by discarding Treebon for to summon Swap Frog and sends Ronintoadin to his grave. He returns it to his hand, sets a monsters and passes his turn. Nick starts off by drawing and activating Black Whirlwind. Upon his summon of Blackwing – Shura, he searches a Read more

Round 8 Feature Match – Ali Yassine Vs. Marco Mongrain   Ali begins with a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing a Redox to draw two and searching another copy of itself. He then activates Terraforming to search Dragon Ravine. He uses it to discard the Redox and send Blaster to the grave. Ali summons Tidal by banishing Blaster and Redox, he searches a Flamvell Guard that he uses to synchro summon Thought Ruler Archfiend. He sets 3 backrow and passes. Marco’s opening hand is Reinforcement of the Army, Evilswarm Kerykeion, Evilswarm Thunderbird,  Evilswarm Heliotrope and Vanity’s Emptiness. He draws Read more

Round 6 Feature Match – Dave Trepanier vs. Mark Louie Parale On to Round 6, with Thunder Family player Dave Trepannier and Evilswarm player Mark Louie at Table 6! Mark starts off the game with Evilswarm Kerykeion, Evilswarm Mandragora, Evilswarm O’Lantern, Fossil Dyna, Vanity’s Emptiness and Torrential Tribute. He summons Dyna, sets two and passes the turn to Dave. Dave begins by adding a Vanity’s Emptiness and then uses Thunder Sea Horse to add 2 Sishunders to his hand. He then summons Sishunder and banishes Thunder Sea Horse for its effect. He ends by setting four and adding Sea Horse Read more

Round 5 Feature Match Davis Sinhradsvong vs William Rodriguez (JURRACS) Now on to Round 5 with an interesting matchup! We’ve got Davis  Sinhradsvong with the popular Dragon Rulers and Will Rodriguez trying something a little bit different…Jurracs! Both players are 3-0-1 going into this match; it will be interesting to see what happens! Will wins the die roll and starts with an opening hand of 2 Jurrac Guaibas, Scapegoat, Survival of the Fittest, Shrink, and Hydrogeddon. He summons Guaiba, sets two and ends. Davis starts with Terraforming to search Dragon Ravine, using Cards of Consonance to discard Debris Dragon and draw Read more