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After two long arduous days, these two have made it into the finals. The 15th and 16th seed of the tournament have gone through the gauntlet having to defeat the higher seeds to get to this point today, a win here is truly an accomplishment. Unlike the other rounds, this match will be a best out of 5 instead of a best of 3. Game 1 Alyx wins the die roll and elects to play first. He kicks things off by playing Card Trooper to send Flamvell Guard and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to the graveyard. An Upstart Goblin Read more

Unlike most tournaments, there is an incentive to show up on day 2 even if you didn’t do well on day 1. ARG offers players an opportunity to play in a 1k the following day, where you’ll not only have the opportunity to win money, but also points that you can use at the 20k Circuit Championship later this year. The prize payout for the 1k in a Day is as follows: 1st Place: $400 Prize Credit*** + 40 Circuit Championship Points 2nd Place: $200 Prize Credit***+ 35 Circuit Championship Points 3rd-4th Place: $100 Prize Credit*** + 30 Circuit Championship Points 5th-8th Place: $50 Prize Read more

Corey started the match off by summoning Evilswarm Castor, then using its additional summon to summon Evilswarm Thunderbird. He overlaid the two for Evilswarm Ophion and detached Thunderbird to add Infestation Pandemic. He ended the turn by setting 3 to the backrow. Brandon set one monster and 5 backrow and in the end phase Corey flipped Infestation Infection, returning Heliotrope to add Kerykeion. Corey drew Heliotrope for turn and activated Ophion’s effect to search another Pandemic. He then used Infection to return Heliotrope to add another Castor. He normal summoned Castor and used its additional summon on Evilswarm Kerykeion. Kerykeion Read more

We’re finally here! Just two more rounds until we’re able to crown the winner of ARGCS Richmond. Alyx had to fight his way to this point after sneaking in at the 16th seed. Corey on the other hand has had an easier route starting off at the 5th seed. Game 1 Corey won the die roll and starts off by summoning Evilswarm Kerkyion and setting 5 backrow. Alyx sets a monster and two backrow before passing. In the EP Infestation Infection was played sending Kerkyion to the deck to add a Evilswarm Castor to his hand. Corey draws and passes Read more

Here in the top 8 we’ve got Marquis Johnson, who’s running one of the more interesting strategies this weekend, Infernities. His opponent Brandon Bird is running Geargia. As far as Soul Charge goes, Infernities have one of the best means to utilize it to its full potential. As we saw in the top 16, the deck can create some pretty devastating fields on the first turn. Geargia is a little more straightforward and can create some very linear game states. However, a constantly recurring Gear Gigant X can create some overwhelming advantage that steals games by whittling your opponent’s resources. Read more

Top 16 Decklists Michael Case Barbee Deck: Mermail Monsters: 3 Mermail Abyssteus 3 Mermail Abysspike 3 Mermail Abysslinde 1 Mermail Abyssmegalo 1 Mermail Abyssturge 1 Mermail Abyssgunde 1 Mermail Abyssocea 1 Mermail Abysshilde 2 Atlantean Marksman 1 Atlantean Dragoons 2 Cardcar D 1 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Spells: 3 Upstart Goblin 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Soul Charge Traps: 3 Reckless Greed 3 Abyssphere 2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Vanity’s Emptiness 1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Phoenix Wing Windblast   Side Deck: 3 Maxx “C” 2 Fire Hand 2 Ice Hand 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dust Tornado Read more

Place Name Points 1 Decolator, Alex 25 2 Mastin, Jacob 24 3 Angeloff, Dakota 23 4 Williams, Admassu 22 5 Roca, Corey 22 6 Rubio, Kevin 22 7 Caraballo, Abraham 22 8 Nguyen, Hao 22 9 Wigley, Brandon 22 10 Johnson, Desmond 22 11 Johnson, Marquis 22 12 Gatewood, Justin 22 13 Barbee, Michael 22 14 Bird, Brandon 21 15 Hoban, Patrick 21 16 Lisgathe, Alyxander 21 17 Solanki, Dilan 21 18 Shareef, Shamas 21 19 Townsend, Royce 21 20 Goff, William 21 21 Rose, Dan 21 22 Zaman, Tahmid 21 23 James, Patrick 21 24 Dabreo, Stephen 21 25 Read more

Jacob started things off by setting 4 to his backrow and passing. Sean summoned Evilswarm Kerykeion and attacked into Jacob’s Abyssphere. He pulled an Abysslinde the Kerykeion attacked over the Linde, pulling Abyssturge. He used its effect, discarding Abyssmegalo to pull Abysslinde back to his hand. Sean ended his turn by setting 4 to his backrow as well. Jacob drew Abysspike for turn. He summoned the Abysslinde and Abyssturge attacked into a Fiendish Chain when attempting to topple the Kerykeion.  The Abysslinde then swung on the Kerykeion and pulled another Abyssturge from the deck. However, it was met with the Read more

Place Name Points 1 Decolator, Alex 24 2 Angeloff, Dakota 22 3 Williams, Admassu 21 4 Roca, Corey 21 5 Rubio, Kevin 21 6 Nguyen, Hao 21 7 Johnson, Desmond 21 8 Mastin, Jacob 21 9 Caraballo, Abraham 21 10 Barbee, Michael 21 11 Gatewood, Justin 21 12 Wigley, Brandon 19 13 Tinsley, Tyree 19 14 Sarhan, Nizar 19 15 Coovert, Sean 19 16 Johnson, Marquis 19 17 Paller, Andrew 19 18 Hoban, Patrick 18 19 Bird, Brandon 18 20 Rivera, Eric 18 21 Lisgathe, Alyxander 18 22 Parreno, Pedro 18 23 Reardon, Collin 18 24 Anderson, Michael 18 25 Read more

We’re coming to a close to the end of Day 1 and both these duelists are in a position where they’re basically locked into a Day 2 spot, however they both have decided to play this one out. Game 1 Rubio wins the die roll and elects to play first. He kicks things off by playing Hieratic Seal of Convocation to add Hieratic Dragon of Su to his hand. He plays Hieratic Dragon of Eset and tributes that to special summon Su. Eset lets him bright out a Laborite Dragon. Another seal nets him a Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet and Read more