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In a field of over 440 duelists, Jerry and Andrew sit amongst the final four. As the crowd starts to surround them, there’s nothing but silence as they shuffle up and deal. Jerry rolls an 11 against Andrew’s 8 and here we go. Game 1 Jerry chooses to go first and beings play with a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banishing Blaster to net two new cards and add another Blaster with Blaster’s effect. He proceeds to play Dragons Ravine to discard Kidmodo Dragon to send Tempest to the graveyard and ends his turn by setting two cards. Andrew opens Read more

Top 4 Feature Match Alright guys we have Top 4 Dragon Mirror Match here. First off we have Carl Manigat from Long Island, NY and he’s playing Dragon Rulers. His Opponent Mike Espinoza is from West Hartford, Connecticut playing Dragunity Rulers. Carl won the die roll and will be going first. Carl opens with Upstart Goblin, 2 Fobidden Lance, 2 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and Return From the Different Dimension. He starts off with Upstart Goblin to draw Gold Sarcophagus and gives Mike 1000 to bring him to 9000Lps. He activates Tidal sending both copies to send Blaster, Dragon Read more