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Welcome to Day 2! We start off the Round of 16 with two good friends that traveled here from South New Jersey and are rooming together. As both Duelists re-sleeve their decks, a lot of friendly banter goes on as both players jokingly talk about how they know what they’re playing and their decklists. After quite a bit of gibberish later, both duelists are sleeved up and ready to go! Tej starts off by pile shuffling his deck and pulls out cards with imperfections on his sleeves. Pham snickered “You know if you don’t beat me, none of that’s going Read more

Top 16 Feature Match Alright everyone we’re here on Day 2 with some Top 16 action. We have Jason Zimmerman from Centereach, NY playing for Brothers Grimm and he brought Constellars with some interesting tech choices. His opponent is Jamal Niels Brooklyn, NY and he’s playing Evilswarm with some extra Evilswarm monsters other than the standard ones we’re used to. There are only 5 non Dragon Ruler decks and we have 2 here but only one can move on to the Top 8. After a handshake and die roll Jason will be leading us off. Game 1: Jason starts us Read more

Name: William Fernandes Age: 23 Occupation: Translator Hometown: Wellington, FL Deck (MVP Card): Dragon Rulers & Stardust Spark Dragon Previous Accomplishments: YCS Jersey Top 8 What will you spend your prize credit on: Next ARG Event What is your favorite card from Shadow Specters: Pot of Dichotomy   Name: Carl Manigat Age: 20 Occupation: Student Hometown: Elmont, NY Deck (MVP Card): Mythic Dragons (Montage Dragon) Previous Accomplishments: 2 National Top 16 What will you spend your prize credit on: Future Events What is your favorite card from Shadow Specters: Mistake   Name: Tej Trivedi Age: 22 Occupation: Student Hometown: Meatball’s Read more

Name: Mike Espinosa Deck: Dragunity [ccDeck=”Main Deck”] Monsters: 21 3 Dragunity Dux 2 Dragunity Phalanx 3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms 3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 1 Flamvell Guard 1 Dragunity Corsesca 3 Maxx “C” 1 Effect Veiler 1 Tragoedia   Spells: 12 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 3 Cards of Consonance 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 3 Dragons Ravine 1 Gold Sarcophagus   Traps : 7 2 Royal Decree 1 Return from the Different Dimension 1 Bottomless Trap hole 1 Compulsory Evactuation Device 2 Mystical Refpanel [/ccDeck]   [ccDeck=”Side Deck”] Side: 15 1 Read more