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So I felt like it would be cool for you guys to see what it’s like on the writer’s perspective of an event. Going into this event I was fully prepared to play until Jim asked for some writers, and well I personally enjoy the writing aspect of the game more than I do playing so I instantly accepted it. Thursday It took forever, and after a series of delays and having to stop by our locals so people could get cards, we head off to Charlotte around 8:30 PM and after quite a bit of struggling we manage to Read more

As we’ve seen all weekend, Fire Fist are undoubtedly one of the overplayed decks of the format. Its dominance can’t be ignored. Both Sean and Bodan are piloting it here this weekend. Sean took first, using the Leopard combo to grab a Tensu, followed by Tenki for a Spirt. That turned into a Horse Prince that pulled Rooster, searching Bear for Sean. Rooster sent Tenki and set Tensen from Sean’s deck. He set 2 and ended turn. Bodan activated and resolved a Gyokkou on one of Sean’s face down cards. He set two cards and summoned a Cardcar, which grabbed Read more

Top 8 Feature Match Jordan Winters (Fire Fist) vs. Jono Ritzau (Fire Fist) Welcome to Top 8! Winters wins the die roll and elects to take first. Game 1 Winters starts off by playing Pot of Duality to add Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear to his hand of Trap Hole, Fiendish Chain, Call of the Haunted, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist -Gorilla. He elects to summon the Bear and set 4 before passing. Jono opens with his own Duality to add another Duality to his hand. He summons Coach Soldier Wolfbark, but it’s met Read more

Today we’ve got a pretty interesting feature match amid the flurry of Fire Fists and Mermails in the top 16. Ian successfully managed to a top 16 qualification with Harpies, while his opponent Zach is here with Hieratics. This match should promise some interesting interactions. Ian started the match off by simply setting two and passing. Zach kicked his turn off by using Upstart Goblin, drawing into a Vanity’s Emptiness. He ended his turn by matching Ian’s two set back row, but during the end phase Ian flipped up a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Cyber Harpie Lady. Harpies Hunting Read more