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The Karakuri King is back with us again! This time he is taking on the SeriousTreebornFrog, Paul Clarke! Game 1 Desmond will be starting off the duel after winning the dice roll. He played Upstart Goblin from his starting hand of Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Gold Sarcophagus, Solemn Warning, Dragunity Dux and Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders. After drawing into Book of Moon and giving Paul 1000 life points, Desmond banished Redox to activate his Sacred Sword which let him draw into Cards of Consonance and Dragunity Phalanx and then add another Redox to his hand. Cards of Consonance Read more

Round 8 Feature Match Alright Alter Reality Gamers. We have well known CoreTCG article writer, and recent Worlds Top 8 contender in his second Feature Match here in Fort Worth, Robert (Robbie) Boyajian from Newport Beach, California and he’s Playing Dragon Rulers with some techs. Next we have Scott Page from Dallas, Texas and he’s playing Dragon Rulers as well. They’re both 6-1 in this tournament today, so the winner goes on with a good shot at Top 16! Without any further ado let’s jump right into the match.   Robbie won the dice roll and opens with Blaster, Dragon Read more

Keller will take first after rolling 11 on the dice. Game 1 Keller began the duel with double High Priestess of Prophecy, The World of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets, Torrential Tribute and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Keller played Spellbook of Secrets to search out the Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He then summoned his Spellbook Magician to search for a second Secrets. Keller set Torrential and Phoenix Wing and passed. “My hand is really good incase you didn’t catch that.” He remarked to Eric. Eric laughed and then drew to 6 cards. He started his Main Phase by normal summoning Brotherhood Read more

1 Brink, Brady 2 Smith, Frazer 3 Bousman, Dalton 4 Cooper, Paul 5 Hoban, Patrick 6 Luna, Fili 7 Duren, Justin 8 Gillette, Vincent 9 Beckmann, Brenden 10 Williams-anderson, Jerry 11 Page, Scott 12 Johnson, Desmand 13 Medrano, Carlos 14 Zelaya, Oscar 15 Brake, Billy 16 Pollack, Jordan 17 Boyajian, Robert 18 Kenna, Zeph 19 Leverett, Ben 20 Leverett, Zachary 21 Berrones, Matias 22 Carisse, Marc 23 Quilantan, Edgar 24 Gamble, Philip 25 Hutchinson, Jasa 26 Wei, Nicholas 27 Winger, Ethan 28 Scott, Timathy 29 Baca, Robert 30 Clarke, Paul 31 Gruchacz, J.p 32 Lakhmani, Sherwin 33 Furman, Aaron 34 Read more

1 Brink, Brady 2 Smith, Frazer 3 Bousman, Dalton 4 Cooper, Paul 5 Duren, Justin 6 Hoban, Patrick 7 Williams-anderson, Jerry 8 Luna, Fili 9 Beckmann, Brenden 10 Page, Scott 11 Gillette, Vincent 12 Wei, Nicholas 13 Clarke, Paul 14 Johnson, Desmand 15 Medrano, Carlos 16 Gruchacz, J.p 17 Zelaya, Oscar 18 Lakhmani, Sherwin 19 Brake, Billy 20 Benjamin, Kelly 21 Hanegan, Keller 22 Boyajian, Robert 23 Pollack, Jordan 24 Liu, Eric 25 Kenna, Zeph 26 Mata, Kevin 27 Leverett, Ben 28 Augilar, Bryan 29 Leverett, Zachary 30 Nquyen, Jimmy 31 Berrones, Matias 32 Perry, Brendan 33 Quilantan, Edgar 34 Read more

Round 6 Feature Match Alright guys and gals it’s time for some more undefeated action here in Round 6. We have Brady Brink North Dakota, playing a standard Spellbook deck. Oscar Zelaya is playing another Spellbook deck but his is laced with some techs that might surprise you. One of these players will move on undefeated and one will receive his first loss. Let’s get this undefeated match underway! Brady wins the die roll and opts to go first. His hand consists of Mystical Space Typhoon, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Fiendish Chain, Spellbook of Fate, Mirror Force and The Grand Read more

1 Brink, Brady 2 Smith, Frazer 3 Bousman, Dalton 4 Johnson, Desmand 5 Medrano, Carlos 6 Williams-anderson, Jerry 7 Cooper, Paul 8 Duren, Justin 9 Luna, Fili 10 Boyajian, Robert 11 Page, Scott 12 Beckmann, Brenden 13 Benjamin, Kelly 14 Hoban, Patrick 15 Liu, Eric 16 Leverett, Ben 17 Nquyen, Jimmy 18 Hutchinson, Jasa 19 Gillette, Vincent 20 Wei, Nicholas 21 Collier, Jared 22 Avera, Trent 23 Clarke, Paul 24 Furman, Aaron 25 Gruchacz, J.p 26 Hanegan, Keller 27 Brake, Billy 28 Zelaya, Oscar 29 Robledo, Eseauiel 30 Ruth, Courtel 31 Lakhmani, Sherwin 32 Pollack, Jordan 33 Collier, Tyler 34 Read more

We have a fantastic duel between Brandon Wigley’s Dragunity Rulers and Jonathan Galecia’s Dragon Rulers. Brandon will be starting the duel off with after winning the dice roll with a 6. He began play with a hand of Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Return from the Different Dimension, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Upstart Goblin, Terraforming and Gold Sarcophagus. Brandon began play by activating Terraforming to search for Dragon Ravine and add it from his deck to his hand. He followed up the search by activating Ravine, then followed up Ravine by activating Gold Sarcophagus. He banished Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms Read more

1 Johnson, Desmand 2 Duren, Justin 3 Smith, Frazer 4 Brink, Brady 5 Bousman, Dalton 6 Gillette, Vincent 7 Gruchacz, J.p 8 Hanegan, Keller 9 Brake, Billy 10 Ruth, Courtel 11 Medrano, Carlos 12 Zelaya, Oscar 13 Williams-anderson, Jerry 14 Robledo, Eseauiel 15 Beckmann, Brenden 16 Luna, Fili 17 Saldivar, Adrian 18 Cooper, Paul 19 Hoban, Patrick 20 Page, Scott 21 Benjamin, Kelly 22 Boyajian, Robert 23 Liu, Eric 24 Collier, Tyler 25 Lewilling, Justin 26 Massengale, Tray 27 Linch, Joey 28 Dickhoff, Henry 29 Leverett, Ben 30 Nquyen, Jimmy 31 Hutchinson, Jasa 32 Winger, Ethan 33 Wei, Nicholas 34 Read more

1 Gruchacz, J.p 2 Ruth, Courtel 3 Medrano, Carlos 4 Brake, Billy 5 Johnson, Desmand 6 Zelaya, Oscar 7 Robledo, Eseauiel 8 Hutchinson, Jasa 9 Duren, Justin 10 Hanegan, Keller 11 Kenna, Zeph 12 Pollack, Jordan 13 Gillette, Vincent 14 Smith, Frazer 15 Brink, Brady 16 Winger, Ethan 17 Bousman, Dalton 18 Williams-anderson, Jerry 19 Benjamin, Kelly 20 Avera, Trent 21 Perez, Alex 22 Furman, Aaron 23 Mayoryn, Pierne 24 Reed, Alex 25 Anaya, Leonard 26 Ashlock, Tyler 27 Bockenstedt, Jonathan 28 Muenchow, Craig 29 Jung, Chris 30 Tabora, Ricardo 31 Fernandes, Willian 32 Wilson, Kallam 33 Berrones, Matias 34 Read more