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Greetings cardfighters! We’ve had some earthshattering announcements in the community throughout the past week! Mark your calendars for May 20th, as that is the date Fighter’s Collection 2016 launches and these changes go into effect. If you haven’t seen the announcement of G Guardians yet on the Bushiroad website, you can do so HERE. For starters, Air Element, Sebreeze is sure to impact the intentional gradelocking strategy that has been present in the metagame for quite some time until this point. G Guardians add a new element of much needed additional defense in Vanguard. In addition, everyone’s G Zone is being increased Read more

Greetings cardfighters! This week I wanted to touch on Transcension of Blade and Blossom and the impact the Blaster Blade support will have on Royal Paladins. Out of all the clans it seems that Royals are the one that constantly evolves the most, with new boss units or engines changing the deck every few months or so. The clan certainly has the most diversity of viable builds in comparison to many other clans with Sanctuary Guard, Jewel Knights, Thing Saver-MLB, Altmile, Alfred, and others all ranging from viable to top tier. So what new changes come with G-BT06? A return of the most Read more

Greetings cardfighters! I was planning to do another article expanding my look into Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter this week, but instead Bushiroad hit us with an unexpected but well-appreciated restriction list. This article is quite lengthy with a lot of content, so I hope you all enjoy! We knew of this list a few weeks back when Japan received it, but it was only wishful thinking in terms of coming over to the English game because we never received this kind before. In the past, the only two restrictions we ever got were the banning of two starting vanguards: Barcgal and Lizard Soldier, Read more

Greetings cardfighters! Fighter’s Collection 2015 Winter just launched a few days ago, and I wanted to discuss the cards I believe to have the most potential to impact the game. Despite the odd naming of the set, since it is now 2016 yet has last year in its title, I believe it is a very worthwhile set to pick up. Some people disagree and state that this set is overall weaker than the previous Fighter’s Collection that was released last summer. While that is true to a certain extent, I believe the set to be one of the most beautifully Read more

Greetings cardfighters! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas holiday. While tis’ the season to celebrate in good spirits, the game of Vanguard is facing a looming threat that was once thought to be happily forgotten. Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon is back, and is with a vengeance…… For those who are not in the know or may have forgotten, Chaos Breaker Dragon was one of the top decks during the break ride era. The break ride combo alongside Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon shut many decks out and generated so much advantage, it was difficult to recover from. The deck Read more

Greetings cardfighters! This week I’m talking about G Clan Booster: Commander of the Incessant Waves’ impact on the metagame. For a large chunk of the latter half of 2015, we’ve seen a format where Shadow Paladin has reigned pretty dominant. Other decks have definitely topped and we are far from having a one deck format, but we have consistently seen Shadow Paladin top in large numbers ever since the Legend Deck was released. In Bushiroad continentals just a couple weeks ago, Shadow Paladin took 3 slots in the top 4, with Angel Feathers taking a surprise victory in the event! Read more

Greetings cardfighters! It has been a long time since I last was able to write, school has been tough for a good while. I’m back though and I’m kicking things off with my own personal tournament report at ARG Anaheim. This was the first California event ARG has had (excluding the summer Vanguard state championship series) and I was thoroughly impressed on how well it was ran. Bushiroad could certainly learn a thing or two. The Vanguard event had 55 players show up! I went 5 wins-0 losses-1 tie in Swiss, and won my Top 8 match. The Top 4 decided Read more

Greetings cardfighters! Soul Strike Against the Supreme is right around the corner so I wanted to get a few more card reviews in before the set launches! Without further adieu, let’s dive into it! Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed A lot of people were rather disappointed when Bushiroad first announced this card because it seemed like a clone of the original Aurageyser Dragon, with an additional gimmick attached to it in exchange for a larger cost. On first glance and perhaps even taking a second one, that is true. With Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” already taking 4 slots in the Shadow Read more

Greetings cardfighters! Last week I reviewed some more cards from G-BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme. If you missed it, you can check it out HERE. This week I wanted to view the various Bushiroad qualifiers that have occurred so far and see how the metagame is shaping up. So far there have been seven qualifiers, I’ll post the top 3 of each tournament in chronological order and see what’s up! New York: 1st Place – Great Nature (Big Belly) 2nd Place – Shadow Paladin (Revenger Abyss) 3rd Place – Dark Irregular (Amon) Vancouver:  1st Place – Dimension Police (D Robo) Read more

Hey there everyone. This is the first article I’ve written for ARG, so I’ll tell you a bit about myself before I get into the topic at hand. My name is Aaron Dougherty, I’m a cardfighter from the Republic of Ireland and have been playing for around 2 years now, since BT-08 first came out in English. I’ve played at the regional level and I run a Vanguard based Youtube Channel with my team TCG Ireland. I’m best known for playing Pale Moon, specifically the Silver Thorn archetype. Before starting into the body of the article, there are a few Read more