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Exciting times lie ahead, fellow Force of Willionaires. A new set, new tricks, new rulers, and a new metagame (hopefully) await us in the following weeks. I want to share with you the top ten cards I believe will most impact competitive Force of Will. Before I actually delve in to my list, I should quantify that I chose to leave Rulers, Regalia, and Stones off of the list. If I had not made this decision, the list would probably be taken up by mostly those cards, leaving little room for anything else. Furthermore, I am of a pretty strong Read more

Oh hey there! It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? We haven’t gotten to talk in a while, what with Force of Will not really having any major events for a bit. But now with the 2016 Grand Prix circuit back in full force, I figured it was time we…reunite. The season is currently three deep on AGP events, and what better way to come back and talk to you than with a tournament report! And not any tournament report. Not some silly 10th place garbage finish…NO! That’s right, this past weekend in the wonderful state of Texas (the only Read more

Name: Zack Tufford Age: 23 Occupation: FOW Player/Student Hometown: Atlanta Ga Deck (MVP Card): Change the World, Orb of Ilusion Previous FOW Accomplishments: WGP top 8, 4 ARG wins and 3 top 8s What is the most exciting thing you did this weekend: I tutored Glimpse of Kaguya in response oDark Alice’s God Art What are you going to do if you win: Sleep Name: David Molina Age:28 Occupation: Product Manager @ Cool Stuff Inc Hometown: Orlando Deck (MVP Card): Vlad Previous FOW Accomplishments: Played an entire game once without forgetting to call a stone What is the most exciting Read more

The ARG State Championships for NC was held at Raleigh this year and if you had asked me earlier this week I would have expected to tell you about how Bahamut and heavy regalia based deck were still going be to what ruled the day. After 6 rounds of swiss and the top 8 playoff, the outcome was different from what I initially thought. Blazer was the most represented Ruler locking up 3 Top 8 spots, all them playing an Incarnation based deck. While Guinevere, the Jealous Queen saw the top spot of most played card with 6 of 8 decks mainboarding 4, Lancelot, the Knight Read more

Greetings WILLing readers (hehe). Previously, I had planned on writing about new decks and cards and synergies and all around newness, but then something…happened…this past weekend. Something too juicy to NOT write about. That something, was the FORCE OF WILL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! So yea, for all of you unaware (likely no one), the Force of Will World Championship happened this weekend and Riccardo Castagnola of Italy is the official new World Champion. Now we will eventually get to the controversy surrounding this particular result, but I don’t intend to take too much away from Riccardo here. He is our champion, Read more

Hey everyone! I’m back for the exciting continuation of my previous article, found here. I intend to make the wrap-up of my tournament a bit shorter than originally planned. But don’t fret! The reason I’ve made such a rash decision, is so that we can talk about some of the AWESOME NEW SPOILERS. Yes, yes, let as SOON as I’m done recapping, you get to hear some of my wondrous musings on some of the brand new cards due out in Seven Kings of the Land (SKL for future reference). Alright, well I had just taken my first loss in Read more

10th at WGP Houston

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  Hey everybody! I’m back, fresh from the WGP in Houston Texas. While the event didn’t quite go how I planned (winning a slot on the US nation team), I still did reasonably well. However, for flying all the way from Ohio, I had quite high expectations…   First, let’s talk a bit about the event in general.   Being the final event that would qualify desirable hopefuls a chance to go to Worlds in Japan next month, we knew this was going to be a big event. Pre-Registration sold out almost two weeks before the event even took place! Read more

Paul McCann Ruler: Falltgold, the Dragoon / Bahamut, the Dragon King Main Deck: 40 4 Hunter in the Black Forest 4 Apostle of Cain 4 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen 4 Rukh Egg 4 Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon 4 Cthugha, the Living Flame 4 Laevateinn, the Demon Sword 4 Thunder 4 Purifying Fire 4 Split Heaven and Earth Stone Deck: 10 9 Fire Magic Stone 1 Litte Red, the Pure Stone Sideboard: 15 1 Snow White / Bloody Snow White 1 Apostle of Creation / Cain, the Traitor of Gods 1 Melgis the Flame King / Melgis, the One Read more

Take a minute to scroll through the posts on your favorite Facebook group or page dedicated to Force of Will. How many were specifically in reference to “Regalia” or “Bahamut, the Dragon King”? It’s no secret that one color has a grip on our community in a way that we surely didn’t expect before the release of the new Alice Cluster starter decks. Whether it’s about a 2500 damage swing on turn 1, or a very recent price spike, we can’t seem to avoid them. Many players are advocating against this new format, while others are pushing back hard with Read more

“Play Cheshire Cat” “Resolves” “Draw 2…” “Sorry, I have Abdul in play” “Oh right…Jeeez that card is really unfair…” “Attack with Tinkerbell for 400, Attack with Hunter for 300, Go” “J-Activate Abdul using Grusbalesta, hold priority and activate to give Hunter -300/-300, then use Abdul’s zero ability targeting Tinkerbell” “OK…you killed both my guys with just your Ruler and its only turn two” “Yea, he’s really good, sorry again…” These are just a couple of the common situations I would find myself in game after game, match after match. People trying to do cool things with their cool cards, and Read more