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Soul Charge. A card that now strikes fear into the hearts of all duelist. A card that is more powerful than that of [ccProd]Return from the Different Dimension[/ccProd], [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd], and even [ccProd]Dimension Fusion[/ccProd], all cards that have made their way to the Forbidden List. Going into ARG Richmond, VA this weekend, many people are trying their best to figure out ways to abuse the cards from Dragons of Legends, including but not limited to Soul Charge, Mathematician, Kuribandit, Ice Hand, and Fire Hand. Since Soul Charge’s announcement, so many people have been talking about the fact that [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd] and Read more

So with the new format upon us, I feel like Geargia and Bujins are by far the most popular decks. Not to be counted out, with great showings are still Mermails and Fire Fist variants, but many people have turned to Geargia as they were untouched by the F/L list, as well as Bujins for similar reasons. Of course, not I. I’m always trying to innovate new things, and I’m back this week to show you my updated Ghostrick Spirit deck in which I was able to place 1st at my regional in Garden City this past weekend. For those Read more

Even after the surprising events of ARG Vegas (where Bujins were able to take out Blue Eyes Mythic Rulers in the finals) Mermails and Fire Fist are still the most popular decks, and with the format quickly coming to a close and YCS Chicago on the horizon, I wanted to end the format with something cool and innovative. I was talking with my good friend Robby B and he mentioned he had a really cool Ghostrick deck which played Dark Necrofear. I sat there and wondered… okay? But, how do you win? He told me you dont really win, and Read more

Right now we can almost certainly say that the most powerful decks are Mermail and Fire Fist. These two decks are currently dominating the higher tier tournaments, with splashes of other decks in between (Geargia, Prophecy, Bujin, etc). But as you all know, stuff can get a little boring from time to time when stuff like this happens, so thats when I start messing around with fun decks, and this week I am bringing you my cool deck I’ve been working on, Spirit Ghostricks, or as I call them, Spiritrix! Here’s my deck list right now: [ccDeck=”Main Deck”]3 Aratama 1 Read more

So one thing I’m known for is being able to make the price of cards sky rocket, even if its for a short time. I’ve always been able to look at cards and instantly see that they have potential, and because of that I go and get as many as possible while everyone is oblivious and prices are low, and then IF they go up, profit, and if not, well I got a bunch of cards for cheap. One of my favorite cards from LVAL is Skill Prisoner, and here’s what it does if you haven’t gotten a chance to Read more

With the release of the January 2014 ban list, Dragon Rulers have finally been dethroned as the best deck in contention. The limiting of Blaster, Redox, Tempest, Tidal and [ccProd]Sacred Sword of Seven Stars[/ccProd] along with the ban of [ccProd]Sixth Sense[/ccProd] and Return have essentially made all versions of the deck moot, and I’m sure most players are glad to move on from a format dominated by just Dragon Rulers and… decks that beat Dragon Rulers. I’m all for a diverse format and that is definitely what we are looking at. Fire Formation – Tenki is now unlimited and you bet that people will start Read more

These last 2 weeks I’ve been absent from articles, but this week I am back with what many people have been waiting for and are excited for. This weekend is the ARG Circuit in St Louis, and I’ve decided to take my handy dandy Noble Knights. I’ve been running them for a long time, and have been a very huge fan even longer, so I’m very excited and eager to get playing with a deck I love so much. I have hardly played in any important events, so this will be my first one returning from a slight hiatus. These Read more

If we finally learned anything 4 months ago, it’s that truly anything is possible when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh. For the first time, we really got our seperate Forbidden/Limited list, and boy did it do a lot. Finally, so many annoying problem cards were gone; Card Destruction, Gateway of the Six, Monster Reborn, and much more were taking the bus to the underworld. This December, around Christmas time, our new F/L list will be revealed, so today I want to go over some changes we will likely see, and changes I hope to see. Now, while the F/L list did Read more

Some of you may want something new to run. Something to have fun with. I won’t be giving you anything to take out the big bad Dragon’s (at least on a consistent basis) but if you want to have fun, you certainly came to the right place today! By far, my favorite type of monster has for a long time running been Plants. Ever since I read [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd] in Phantom Darkness, in my head it was much cooler than that silly [ccProd]Dark Armed Dragon[/ccProd]. Now, with the release of Shadow Specters, we get a new toy in the form of Read more

Last night the last of Shadow Specters was spoiled, and while this set may not have Dracossack or Spellbook of Judgment, it does have a great number of cards that have a lot of promise and are sure to make an impact in the game (be it now, or next format, starting in January). First off I want to talk about and finish up with Noble Knights. Last week I spoke about the new Noble Knight cards and the potential they show, and got 5 cards total this time around, and now we have the final 2 cards, theXyz Monster Read more