Circuit Series Coverage Archive Atlanta, GA December 6-7 2014



Welcome duelists. The ARG Circuit Series stopped at the home of Coca-Cola, rap music, and the busiest airport in the country, Atlanta, Georgia! We were just shy of 300 players for the event. This event was pretty deep into the New Challengers format, with Burning Abyss exerting absolute dominance over every other archetype.  Once again, like at every ARGCS, there was a strong field of Duelists from the likes of Desmond Johnson, Juan Morales, Jeff Jones, ARG's Players Champion Alyxander Lisgathe, and many more!

The Top 16 breakdown featured six Burning Abyss duelists, five Qliphorts, four Denko-Dolls, and a lone Satellarknight duelist holding down the fort.  In the end Alyxander Lisgathe's Burning Abyss monsters were able to triumph over Joshua Camp's Qliphorts!  The Circuit Series continues its journey across the US with a stop in sunny Orlando, Floria on January 3-4th, 2015.

ARG Circuit Series Atlanta, GA Champion Alyxander Lisgathe!

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Circuit Series Atlanta Finals: Alyxander Lisgathe vs. Josh Camp

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