Circuit Series Coverage Archive Des Moines, Iowa October 18-19 2014



Welcome duelists. The ARG Circuit Series made its next stop in Des Moines, Iowa . We were just a bit shy of 200 players for the event.  This event featured the debut of the Geargia Rampage structure deck and the new Geargiauger, so we might see different strategies than just the standard Burning Abyss, Satellarknights, or Shaddolls.

Des Moines featured a packed house of talent, with ARG's ownPatrick Hoban in attendance alongside other standouts like Jordan Winters, James Frazier, Dalton Bousman, Alyxander Lisgathe, and Jackie Bernal.  The Top 16 featured seven Shaddolls, one Geargia, and eight Burning Abyss.  At the end of it all, Jordan Winters triumphed with his Burning Abyss!  The ARGCS heads to Seattle, WA next on November 15-16, 2014!

ARG Circuit Series Des Moines, Iowa Champion Jordan Winters!

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Round 8 feature match: Alyxander Lisgathe vs. Dirk Wager!


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