Circuit Series Coverage Archive Worcester, Massachusetts November 16th & 17th, 2013



Welcome duelists. The largest ever ARG Circuit series to date just took place this past weekend on the east coast in Worchester, MA. A total of 438 players from all over the United States and Canada came for a shot of an increased prize pool of $5,200 in prizes as well as the title of ARG Circuit Champion. The ARG Circuit Championship was also announced with a $20,000 prize pool and this was the first event that where the players knew how many points they needed to earn to qualify. Many people were wondering if Shadow Specters would shake up the metagame at all as the format is winding to a close. Dragon Rulers proved to be just as dominate as it was before as many of the top 16 slots were Dragon Rulers. Once again we had a lot of top level duelists including WCQ Champions Hansel Aguero and Patrick Hoban. Sean McCabe the winner of ARG Circuit Columbus was also in attendance for the event to see if he could go back to back.

DSC04020Day one was nine rounds of swiss with a cut to top sixteen to played on day two. Once again we featured the live steam hosted by Joe Giorlando but this time it was for the whole event. Since the last circuit there were new cards introduced in the from of Shadow Specters, Harpie Dancer, Sixth Sense, and Stardust Spark Dragon. Dragon Rulers once again proved to be the dominate force in the format as it took half of the top sixteen spots and that does not include the other variants of the deck (Mythic Dragon & Dragunity). In the finals Dragon Rulers piloted by Jerry Williams-Anderson faced off against Mythic Dragons played by Carl Maniget with Jerry taking the Championship. He has two strong performances in the two circuit events he attended finishing 3rd and 1st. The series looks ahead to the next event in Saint Louis to see who will be the next champion towards the end of the September format.

ARG Circuit Series Worcester Champion Jerry Williams-Anderson.


Round 3 Feature Match: Tyler Nolan Vs. Santiago Caras
Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


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