Circuit Series Finals: Eaton Guo (Evilswarm) vs. Sean McCabe (Constellars)

Eaton Guo and Sean McCabe meet for the first time during the weekend in the finals! McCabe and Guo are the only two players from the Top 16 cut not using some variant of Dragon Rulers. Who will prevail, Evilswarm Ophion or Constellar Pleiades?

McCabe won the die roll and elected to go first in the finals! He started by summoning Constellar Algiedi and Pollux and finished with Constellar Omega! He set four cards in the spell and trap zone and ended.

Guo contemplated his options for a while, but finally activated Allure of Darkness and banished Evilswarm Mandragora. He set one monster facedown and set backrow to end his turn.

McCabe drew to a single card in hand and passed.

Guo flip summoned Azzathoth and used its effect to destroy Omega! He followed by summoning Castor and attacked with both, dropping McCabe to 5500! During his second Main Phase, he Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Ophion, detaching Castor to add Infestation Infection from his deck to his hand! He set three cards and ended his turn at full health.

McCabe drew and passed.

Guo detached with again Ophion and searched an Infestation Pandemic before Normal Summoning Castor! Thanks to Castor, he brought out Mandragora as well, and when he attacked with his Evilswarm Army, McCabe conceded! IMG_1052

In game one, Evilswarm Ophion made his debut, but McCabe was not able to bring Constellar Pleiades despite making the first move!

McCabe started game two with Constellar Sheratan and added Constellar Kaus. He set two cards and passed turn to Guo.

Guo Special Summoned Mandragora and Normal Summoned Evilswarm Castor, stacking both to summon Evilswarm Ophion! McCabe responded with Bottomless Trap Hole, but Guo had the Infestation Pandemic to keep it alive.

Ophion added a copy of Infestation Infection to his hand! He used Castor’s additional Normal Summon to bring out Mandragora, and then Special Summoned Kagetokage with its own effect!

When Ophion attacked Sheratan, McCabe responded with Honest to destroy Ophion! He ended his turn by summoning King of Des Feral Imps and searching Azzathoth to his hand and a set card.

Kaus came down, boosted Sheratan to level four and Guo chained Maxx “C” to the effect. McCabe brought out Omega and attacked over King of the Feral Imps.

Guo drew to three in hand and used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy McCabe’s set Dust Tornado, which he activated in response to target Guo’s set card.

Guo activated his Infestation Infection, returning Azzathoth to the deck and add Evilswarm Kerykeion from his deck to his hand!

Guo summoned Kerykeion and banished Ophion to add and summon Castor! He stacked both for Evilswarm Ophion and used the effect to get a Pandemic. Ophion destroyed Omega in battle! He ended and set two.

Fire Formation - Tenki got McCabe a Kaus, which he summoned alongside Pollux. He boosted both of their levels to 5 and finally stacked both into Constellar Pleiades! He returned Ophion to the Extra Deck and attacked for 2500!

Guo set and passed.

When McCabe revealed a Constellar Sombres, Guo picked up his cards and went to game three! Constellar Pleiades made its debut in the finals and proved how strong it could be!

Guo started with a hand full of Evilswarms: O’Lantern, Kerykeion, Azzathoth, Mandragora, Heliotrope and Eradicator Epidemic Virus. He set Eradicator and ended his turn.

McCabe used Tenki and got Kaus from his deck. Sheratan netted him a Pollux and he attacked for 700. McCabe set three and ended.

Guo Special Summoned Mandragora and summoned Castor alongside it! He stacked both into Ophion, but McCabe had a Solemn Warning for the Ophion! He followed up with Kerykeion, banishing Ophion to add back Castor to his hand. Guo made a second Ophino when he Normal Summoned Heliotrope, but McCabe had Compulsory Evacuation Device but Guo sacrificed his Ophion with his Virus!

McCabe revealed a hand full of monsters and a facedown Forbidden Lance and Guo ended his turn.

McCabe started his turn with a Pollux and a Kaus and sent his three monsters in to drop Guo down to 3000! During Main Phase Two, McCabe boosted Pollux and Kaus to Level 5 and stacked for another Constellar Pleiades! He ended his turn at full health.

Gao drew another Castor and summoned it and then an O’Lantern from his hand. Before Guo could activate its effect, Pleiades returned the O’Lantern to its owner’s hand! Castor destroyed Sheratan, but Gao had to end with no other sets.

McCabe drew another spell and Guo conceded the match!

McCabe clinches a victory in the finals of ARG’s second Circuit Series with his onslaught of Constellar monsters led by Pleiades.