Clan Analysis: Royal Paladin

Charles Hsiao

Royal Paladin, one of the first clans to come out, is a deck full of knights, elves and giants. The focus on the deck is toolboxing for field support and gaining advantages from that support. Used by Aichi Sendou, the clan became a large favorite among the players, especially with the initial support that the clan had.

Aichi's avatar is Blaster Blade, a rare Grade 2 that has the ability to retire a rearguard at a cost of 2 as a vanguard or rearguard. To Aichi this card represents someone he hopes to be: brave and strong with many friends to back him up. This card has always been by Aichi's side for as long as he can, and even became a Gold Paladin card to be with Aichi.

What was known as the best Royal Paladin card when he was released, King of Knight Alfred is the pride and symbol of the Royal Paladin clan. With his ability to gain 2000 power for each Royal Paladin rearguard it is important to maintain a full field with him. His own ability allows him to call upon an ally at a cost of 3, and other cards like High-Dog Breeder Akane and the Garmall series makes a full field easy to make even with bad cards. His inability to be boosted allows you to play Lake Maiden Lien and use her ability to filter through the Grade 3s that are clogging your hand, and it prevents Megacolony from powering up if the unit behind Alfred isn't Lien or Barcgal.

Aichi's ultimate dragon card is the Soul Saver Dragon, another card that benefits from having rearguards on the field. With a soulblast of 5, three Royal Paladin rearguards gain 5000 power. This makes stand triggers more effect as who wants to deal with a 20000 power Galatin after guard the initial attacks? Soul Saver makes a few more entries in the series but only had 1 victory moment.

After Aichi's return from his addiction to Psyqualia he used the Alfred Early card Kai used to bring Aichi back. A Grade 3 that can superior call Blaster Blade from soul, it makes for a potential +2, gaining a unit and retiring one as well. However, besides that he's just a Grade 3 plain unit so overall not the best card to make a deck revolve around.

In the last episode of season 1 Aichi used the card that everyone that plays Royal Paladin is anticipating for in set 5, Majesty Lord Blaster. The best card Royal Paladin will ever have for a while to come, the unit utulizes both of Aichi's avatar by moving Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark into the soul for an addition 10000 boost, not to mention the passive 2000 boost an +1 critical with those two cards in soul. It is the only unit to date with a 12000 power during the opponent's turn, which means less than 17000 power is not too much trouble to defend against.

In the current gaming format, for lack of a better word, Royal Paladin are a solid deck that doesn't quite have that speed to match the newer clans. The most popular style seems to bethe Alfred Toolbox for the consistancy of maintaining powerful rearguards such as Sword of Explosive Flames Palamedes and Toypoogal, and using the Galahad ride chain for potential ride without using the cards from the hand. This is what most of the deck looks like.

Grade 0 (17)

1 Drangal
4 Elaine (Heal)
4 Alabastor Owl (Critical)
4 Epona (Critical)
4 Margal (Draw)

Grade 1 (14)
4 Galahad
3 Toypoogal
4 Iseult
3 Lian

Grade 2 (12)

3 Akane
3 Galahad
3 Gallatin
2 Lamlock

G3 (7)
3 Alfred
4 Palamedes

Of course, the card choice and ratio varies among the players but from what I can see this is a generic version of the deck. Using ride chain to ride Galahads without using the Grade 1s from the hand, it tries to get as much card on the field without using cards from the hand. Alfred and Akane will allow you to play out the cards from the deck and Palamedes is just too good of a card to not play 3 at the very least. This deck does well in maintaining an offensive attack but it lacks the explosive power that Gold Paladin can reach.

The downside to this deck is the heavy reliance on the field. Kagero and Narukami burn through the Toypoogals and cutting down the deck's attack power by alot. Decks that rely on 11000 power or higher vanguards can handle Alfred's maxinum power, which is 20000 without Margal's help. I can also imagine that Nova Grapplers have a good chance against this deck as using stand triggers on 10000 power or higher rearguards can force more shields out than a critical trigger. But with crossrides coming out within the month, Alfred's 18000 power along with the rearguard's strength will continue to hit decent power against them compare to some decks that can't reach 18000 power rearguard as easily. It also has capability to hit 21000 to 22000 power rearguard with Palamedes ad Toypoogal so  it can hit the vanguards from 100000 to 120000 just hard enough, though Alfred itself can't pull that off.

What's the future for Royal Paladin? Majesty Lord Blaster. Most likely the majority of Royal Paladin players will build the deck, or some people might build the deck just to play this overwhelming card. Gancelots, Starcall Trumpeter and Wingal Brave will be used to search out for the parts to release Majestic Lord Blaster's ultimate form. Marron and Toypoogal will be played at 4 each most likely to make Majestic Lord Blaster 20000 or 21000, which can hit alot of deck really hard, not to mention the bonus critical makes it possible to win even in a mid-game state.

If you guys have seen the new season, Kourin becomes the carrier of the Royal Paladin clan as Aichi stays with his Gold Paladins. Her deck revolves around the Jewel Knights, and from what's shown so far about the deck it superior calls any unit from the deck, maintaining the idea of how the clan works. The boss card, Leading Jewel Knight, Salome, is essentially the Garmore of the deck, but with a limit break effect that replicates Majesty Lord Blaster's skill; she gains +2000 power and +1 critical when there's 4 or more Jewel Knight rearguards. The deck looks like another toolbox but more specific in the archtype. And with the potential threat of Japan's restriction list on the cards of set 5 this might be the deck that replaces Majestic Lord Blaster players.

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