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Many of you may know me from Yu-Gi-Oh, but I have gotten really involved in Kaijudo and enjoy playing it much more because it is one of the most balanced games I have played. In this article I will be talking about a deck I have used in many tournaments and in every time I either win the tournament or split it in the finals with someone. My friend Robby Stewart came up with this deck idea and we ended up playing at a Whataburger until 4:00 in the morning working on it and making changes to it. It is a Water/Darkness/Light Cobalt Control deck. I will start off by showing you the deck list.

Light: 21
3 Chasm Entangler
3 Blinder Beetle
3 Cobalt, the Storm Knight
3 Star Lantern
3 Keeper of Dawn
2 Orion, Radiant Fury
1 Grand Gure, Tower Keeper
3 Stormspark Blast

Water: 13
2 Rusulka, Aqua Chaser
1 Milporo, Council of Logos
1 Waterspout Gargoyle
3 Spy Mission
3 Logos Scan
3 Crystal Memory
Darkness: 16
2 Fumes
2 Razorkinder Puppet
1 Megeria, the Collector
2 Specter Claw
1 Skull Shatter
2 Dark Return
3 Bone Blades
3 Terrror Pit

Total: 50

I know what you are probably thinking, “50 Cards?? How does that work?” I tried making it a 42 card deck, but it was just not the same. Decks like this need to be 50 cards so it does not run out of steam and can outlast your opponent. In many situations I was able to deck out my opponent, it’s not the best way to win, but winning is winning.
The purpose of this deck is to completely shut down your opponent. The focus is to get your opponent down to no cards in their hand and the only real option they have with the card they draw is to put it in their mana. If they play a creature you will be able to destroy with destruction or tap it and kill with a creature, like Cobalt. If they keep a card in their hand you discard it with Fumes, Razorkinder Puppet, or Specter Claw. I am going to go through card by card and explain each choice, I know many of them are obvious but there might be something you haven’t realized yet or have a question on why I use that certain card.

In depth look into the deck:

Light: 21

3 Chasm Entangler – Best bait for Cobalt. I normally always play this with Cobalt on turn 7 and without this card the deck would not function near as well. It is also one of the few answers I have to rush.

3 Blinder Beetle – Helps you control the field by tapping creatures one by one. If you have this and Cobalt with 9 mana there is nothing you opponent can do to stop you from killing one of their creatures in one swift blow.

3 Cobalt, the Storm Knight – Best card in the deck you gain so much advantage with that extra shield. It may not seem like a lot but getting a shield and the possibility of destroying 2 of your opponent’s shields can changes the shield count lead by 3. This is one of the 2 main finishers in the deck.

3 Star Lantern – One of the best blockers in the game in my opinion because it is able to essentially stop 2 attacks and also is great against rush. I can’t see using light without this guy in the deck.

3 Keeper of Dawn – An extremely powerful card in the deck. When you are in late game and your opponent has no cards, this helps you by recycling everything and being able to fetch whatever you need for that situation. A great play with this card is turn 4 Crystal Memory, turn 5 Keeper, get back Crystal Memory. Also it’s devastating on turn 7 when you can play this and get back Specter Claw and play it. Last night my opponent had 2 cards in hand and I had 9 mana and I was able to play Specter Claw, play Keeper, get back Specter and play in again and discard his hand. This is probably one of, not if the best card in the deck.

2 Orion, Radiant Fury – This card pretty much ends games in this deck. There are very few games where I get to 9 mana and play this and lose because they are forced to deal with it and if they don’t they are going to lose 2 shields. I use 2 because I have 15 light creatures I can hit off of his effect. The best ones to hit are another Orion, Keeper of Dawn, Grand Gure, and Blinder Beetle. Near the end of the game I try to get out a Cobalt or 2 and Orion before I start swinging at shields.

1 Grand Gure, Tower Keeper – This is a needed card because right now there are very few creatures that can get over the 9000 power of this card. The only one that comes to my mind that people use right now is Flamspike Tatsurion which is a problem I will address later. Your opponent will be too busy trying to Terrror Pit and Root Trap your Cobalt and Orion they will have a hard time finding an answer to this.

3 Stormspark Blast – This saves you from being swarmed at when your opponent builds up a big field to swing at your shields, even though that should be pretty difficult to do against this deck. It is also like a mini Orion if you need to tap more than 1 creature before turn 9. It is pretty much a staple, some of my friends only use 2 but I think you need 3.

Water: 13

2 Rusulka, Aqua Chaser – this is to get big creatures off of the field but the main purpose I normally use it is to bounce my own creatures back to my hand. One of my favorite plays is having 8 mana and a Fumes on board and being able to bounce Fumes back and play him again. With more mana this card gets better and better. I had 11 mana one time and was able to bounce back my Cobalt with Chasm and play him again to get a free shield.

1 Milporo, Council of Logos – This is just a nice late game card. I mainly use it against evo’s. It is great in the mirror match because you are able to bounce your opponents Cobalt and bait on top of their deck and have a discarding card to stop them from playing it again.

1 Waterspout Gargoyle – I love this card. In a way it is like an infinite Rusulka because you can bounce itself and the other creature. It is also nice to bounce 2 big creatures off of your opponent’s field back to their hand and then them only having enough mana to play 1.

3 Spy Mission – With 50 cards you need a lot of draw so 3 is pretty much needed.

3 Logos Scan – One of the few turn 3 plays in the deck.

3 Crystal Memory – This card helps out late game because with a lot of mana you can get whatever you need and cast it right away. The main cards I get in early game with it is, Razorkinder Puppet, Cobalt/Bait for Cobalt, and Skull Shatter.

Darkness: 16

2 Fumes – A nice card to play turn 4 to get a nice +1 on your opponent. Works great with Rusulka.

2 Razorkinder Puppet – An amazing card. I originally put it in because I was playing the mirror match and it seemed whoever got to Skull Shatter first won. It is a great card to use in the mirror I normally get this with Crystal Memory if my opponent went first, they used Crystal Memory before me, or they accelerate mana.

1 Megeria, the Collector – I have gotten a lot of heat for this card because of its high cost and little power, but its effect is too good not to use. This is the best card to fight back with from a Skull Shatter. It is also amazing to get back Cobalt along with his bait and be able to play them the following turn. I don’t have much else to say other than a +2 card is pretty ridiculous.

2 Specter Claw – Most of the time in this deck you let your opponent go first. I know it seems strange but the point is to get your opponent with as few resources as possible. If your opponent goes first and you play this turn 2 it can be devastating.

1 Skull Shatter – This card puts you in the winning position of the game. If you are able to play this you will then be able to control everything your opponent does and essentially end up winning the game. I only use 1 because you normally just need 1 to do the job.

2 Dark Return – This is like a mini Megeria. This card works well with Keeper of Dawn because you are able to play this to get Keeper and get Dark Return back with Keeper’s effect, putting a free Keeper on board and you losing no hand advantage. It is also nice if you are forced to play a Chasm early and able to fetch it back to play it with Cobalt.

3 Bone Blades – Destroy stuff early game, mainly Emperor Neuron.

3 Terrror Pit – Best destruction out to whatever you need to get rid of. Pretty much only out in the deck to Flamespike Tatsurion.

This deck has good match ups against almost everything (especially Blurple) except 2 types of decks. Those decks are rush and decks that have creatures that are over 6500 ATK and are aggressive. It is difficult against rush because If I do not get a Chasm or a Star Lantern, my chances of winning are slim. This is the way it is with most control decks though, luckily rush is not that played of deck yet. If your opponent plays a creature that is stronger than Cobalt, your only hope against it is having Terror Pit, Grand Gure, or Orion and that’s about it. I might have to throw in one Halon in here to help get over creatures with 7000 power.

If you like using control I would recommend you trying out this deck, it is very consistent and extremely powerful late game. I hope you enjoyed this detailed look at what I believe to be one of the best decks right now.

See you on the other side of the Veil!

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