Deck Doctor #9: Divine Ojamas and Gears

tyler nolanHey readers, we’re going to start off this week by taking a look at Austin Steely’s Divine Ojama deck:
Monster: 20
3x Ojama Black
3x Ojama Yellow
3x Ojama Green
3x Ojama Blue
1x Ojama Red
1x Obelisk the Tormentor
2x Slifer the Sky Dragon
2x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
2x Maxx "C"

Spell: 17
1x Dark Hole
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Ojama Country
1x Ojama Delta Hurricane
3x Ojamagic
3x Dark World Dealings
2x Tri-Wight

Trap: 4
2x Threatening Roar
2x Torrential Tribute

Extra: 15
1x Armor Kappa
1x Daigusto Phoenix
3x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
1x Number 96: Dark Mist
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Diamond Dire Wolf
1x Gagaga Cowboy
1x Gem-Knight Pearl
1x Kachi Kochi Dragon
1x Lavalval Chain
1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1x Photon Papilloperative
1x Gustav Max

Ojama RedThis deck aims to take advantage of Tri-Wight and Ojama Red in order to make summoning the Divine Beasts in the deck easier. My goals here are going to be trying to make the deck a bit more focused on its main plan, and give it some other lines of attack while not changing the main focus of the deck.

The first cut I’m going to make is the Ojama Delta Hurricane. Yeah, the card is a ton of fun, but it’s effect does not warrant the conditions it requires. When this card is live, you could just summon one of your Divine Beasts.

Dark World Dealings is the next cut, while it has synergies with Ojamagic, there is a better card to be playing here. The two copies of Threatening Roar also seem very out of place here. Roar is best in decks that aim to protect their fielded monsters, like Inzektor, but here the only monsters you care about protecting from battle are already big enough that they won’t die in battle anyway. If you really want a Threatening Roar effect in here, it should be Swift Scarecrow since it has the benefit of not being vulnerable to an end phase MST, or being forced to activate before you’d ideally want to because of a Gorilla or Marksman.

With the Roar cut, we’re left with only 4 cards in our deck that give our opponent’s Typhoons any value. As much as it pains me, I’m going to cut the Ojama Countries. While I really like this card, blanking the opponent’s Typhoons entirely is much more important. Similarly, I’m going to cut the two Torrentials, not because it isn’t a great card, but because you might as well just make your opponent’s Typhoons/Heavy Storm completely dead at this point.

The cuts in summary (10 cards):
-1 Ojama Delta Hurricane
-3 Dark World Dealings
-2 Threatening Roar
-2 Ojama Country
-2 Torrential Tribute

Snipe HunterNow we get to add some cards. The first addition is to replace the Dark World Dealings, instead of just a passive draw engine, I’m going to add in 2 copies of Snipe Hunter. Combined with Ojamagic, you get a machine gun that easily mows down the opposing field. Even when you don’t have Ojamagic, you can always pitch some of the dead Ojamas in your hand to it. You mentioned in your write up that one of the combos in your deck involved discarding Ojamagic to Dark World Dealings, and then discarding the Vanillas in the end phase to make Tri-Wight live, but now you can discard Ojamagic to Snipe Hunter, and have a real use for those Ojama monsters rather than wastefully discarding them in the end phase.

Next I’m going to add 2 copies of Tragoedia, and a Gorz to the deck. I really dislike running Maxx “C” in decks that don’t have something to draw into in order to not die in the same turn Maxx was used. They are also both just very solid cards, early game this deck can easily have a large stockpile of cards in the hand waiting to develop a play, and Tragoedia helps survive to that point. Without Ojama Country in the deck anymore, you have nothing obstructing Gorz from coming down either.

Tri-Wight seems like a very important card for this deck to see, so I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t want to run the full 3 copies.

Pot of Duality 1stThis deck seems like it’s a classic example of a deck that special summons, but still wants Pot of Duality. Since your special summons require a setup, dualities in your opening hand are absolutely insane, and if you draw one the turn you’re about to go off, then who cares? You’re about to go off anyway.

The last addition I’m going to make here is a 2nd Obelisk the Tormentor. This could also be a 3rd Slifer, it’s really up to you, but I think you’re going to want another copy of your primary win condition in the deck.

Additions in summary (9 cards, dropping down to 40 cards)
+2 Snipe Hunter
+2 Tragoedia
+1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness
+1 Tri-Wight
+2 Pot of Duality
+1 Obelisk the Tormentor/Slifer the Sky Dragon

The next list we’re going to take a look at is Felix Farmer’s “Old and New Gear” deck
Felix Farmer

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron DragonMonsters: 17
3x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
3x Armored Cybern
2x Debris Dragon
3x Geargiano
3x Geargiano Mk-II
3x Minefieldriller

Spells: 19
2x Ancient Gear Drill
1x Book of Moon
1x Chain Strike
3x Geartown
3x Iron Call
1x Monster Reborn
1x Limiter Removal
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Quick Booster
3x Terraforming

Traps: 4
3x GeargiaGear
1x The Transmigration Prophecy

Extra deck:
2x Black Rose Dragon
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Diamond Dire Wolf
1x Gagaga Cowboy
2x Gear Gigant X
1x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis.
1x Leviair the Sea Dragon
2x Lightning Chidori
1x Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1x Number 50: Blackship of Corn
1x Wind-up Zenmaines
1x Number 47: Nightmare Shark

This is another interesting deck. It aims to abuse Minefieldriller with Geargiano MkII, Geargiano, and Iron Call in order to continuously recur Minefieldriller, and in turn recur geartowns and attack the opponent with a seemingly neverending onslaught of Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragons. My goals with this deck are to give the deck an alternative plan, should the minefieldriller plan not get off the ground. I also want to just optimize some of the card choices that are just subpar.

debris dragonI’m going to begin by cutting the Armed Cyberns, the card doesn’t look like it does anything at all. Nothing in the deck can be equipped by it, and you don’t have any Machine Duplications in the list to try and take advantage of the card. I’m also going to cut the 2 Debris Dragons, with only 3 targets in the deck for them, there are better uses for this slot.

Next I’m going to cut 2 copies of Ancient Gear Drill, the big problem with that card in this deck is that it is only good if your plan is already working, in that you were able to summon a Gadjiltron successfully. A lot of the deck’s losses are going to come from dying before you even get a chance to summon the dragon.

I’m also going to cut the 1 Quick Booster, I’m not entirely sure what that card is aiming to do here. You never actually want to activate it, so it seems like you just set it in order to bait an opposing Typhoon. That plan just isn’t high impact enough to warrant the space for the card, not to mention how horrible it is to draw the card later on in the game. The one copy of Chain Strike is getting axed as well for similar reasons, it doesn’t have place in this deck at all.

I’m going to cut the Book of Moon as well, this cut is just to make space for better cards when we start adding stuff.

The last cut I’m going to make is The Transmigration Prophecy. There are just better traps to be playing, I get that you can use it to make your Terraformings live again if you go through all your Geartowns, but at that point you’re probably winning anyway. No reason to maindeck a card that is going to largely be dead in most of your matchups.

Cuts in summary (11 cards):
-3 Armed Cybern
-2 Debris Dragon
-2 Ancient Gear Drill
-1 Quick Booster
-1 Chain Strike
-1 The Transmigration Prophecy
-1 Book of Moon

MACHINA GEARFRAMEI’m going to start off the additions with something that seems obvious to me in this deck, 3 Machina Gearframe and 2 Machina Fortress. Not only does Fortress give you a use for the Gadjiltrons that you draw, it’s also just a really solid engine for machine strategies.

The last 6 cards I’m going to add are all going to be traps. 2 Torrential Tribute, 2 Mirror Force, and 2 Fiendish Chain are going to round out the deck. Just to help keep you alive until your deck’s engine can get online.

Additions in summary:
+3 Machina Gearframe
+2 Machina Fortress
+2 Mirror Force
+2 Torrential Tribute
+2 Fiendish Chain

Lastly, you’re going to want to cut the Black Rose Dragons from your extra deck with the Debris Dragons gone, it probably doesn’t matter too much what you add though. If you have access to Big Eye, the deck now has access to him through 2 Machina Fortresses.

If you would like either Johnny or myself to doctor one of your decks, send a message to us at We haven’t had very many submissions these last couple of weeks, so your chances of being featured if you send your list are high.

Until next time readers, Play Hard or Go Home!