Defeating Dark World with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! It is now the month of October meaning Halloween is right around the corner and the game of Yugioh is giving us lots of tricks and treats! The timing of the release of the new Structure Deck: Gates of the Underworld could not be more epic. Having just been released this week, it will give duelist only a few days to prepare for the revamped and hyped Dark World deck. Even though YCS Toronto was barely a month ago, this Structure deck will shake the meta up and I believe will have a good amount of players trying to take this archetype to the top.YCS Columbus is only a few days away and if you want to see success you better prepare yourself for this tough match-up! Today, I am going to talk about some of the cards I think are going to be the most effective in shutting down this new powerhouse and can be sided in almost any deck you choose to play.

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How does the Dark World deck work?
For those who aren’t familiar with this old archetype let me shine a little bit of light on this dark deck. Dark World monsters are all dark monsters that gain special effects when they are discarded to the graveyard by card effects. Most players will be utilizing cards like Dragged Down Into the Grave and Dark World Dealings to give them speed, knowledge, and gain their monsters effects all at the same time. They have a boss monster in the new Structure deck named Grapha who has 2700 attack, destroys a card when he is discarded, and can be special summoned from the grave simply by returning a dark world monster back to the hand. He is a force that truly gives this deck a lot of power a long side their new field spell that boosts all fiends by 300 attack and defense while allowing them to discard a card from their hand and draw a new one. As good as all of these cards sound I do think there are pretty decent pools of cards that can be used to defeat the dark worlds.

Defeating the Dark World with the Side Deck:
Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
This card is probably one of my favorite picks to side against this deck. It may slow down your own Tour Guides if you keep them in or use them at all, but I think the risk is worth the reward. Shadow Mirror is a one card answer to a majority of the Dark World deck. You can chain this card whenever your opponent activates any of their monster effects and not only negate it, but shut most of their deck down in the process. While this card can be devastating to any dark world deck there is a downside. While Shadow Mirror is face-up your opponent can still special summon their Grapha from the grave since he is being summoned and not having an effect activate. Mystical Space Typhoon is also at 3 giving your opponent a decent amount of outs to this card, but I still feel like it can be strong enough to tip the odds of winning the game in your favor.

Like Shadow Mirror this card will hurt almost every card in their deck. Since all of the dark world monsters activate their effects in the grave you will be able to chain Debunk to any dark world monster they discard. It can especially be devastating if you hit their Grapha as not only will his effect be negated you will banish it so he will not be able to be summoned from the grave. This card is the new Solemn Warning in terms of how it can just stop your dark world opponent in their tracks. I think everyone should be at least packing two copies of this card in their side to make sure they can even the playing field against this explosive deck. There is not much of a downside to this card in the match up, but if your opponent is packing copies of Dark World Lightning then that could be a problem, but overall there is very little they can do to stop this counter.

Gemini Imps/Gravekeeper’s Watcher
I wanted to talk about these two cards at the same time. Both of these guys can be really effective in the dark world match up and which one you use really comes down to what kind of Dark World deck you think you will be facing. Gemini Imps is great as not only does it stop every card your opponent activates that would discard cards out of your hand, but it will also let you draw a card and net the easy plus one. This guy is a great way to turn a devastating Dragged Down into the Grave into a plus one and hopefully leave your opponent venerable. The main downside to Gemini Imps is that in order for him to be live your opponent has to activate a Dragged Down, Card Destruction, Dark World Dealings, etc. There is always that chance you could draw him in the match-up and he could sit dead in your hand, but I believe that the risk is worth the reward. All of the cards I just listed are pretty important means to winning the game for Dark Worlds and being able to negate them and draw can be a real game changer.
Gravekeeper’s Watcher is very similar to Gemini Imps in the sense that it is a monster you can discard from your hand to negate some of Dark World’s most powerful cards, but he doesn’t give you the draw that Gemini Imps does. The only reason why you might want to run this guy over Gemini Imps is because he stops all of the cards that Imps can stop plus cards like Fabled Raven, Dark World Lightning, and even The Cheerful Coffin. While he will only be trading off a one for one with your opponent in terms of card advantage the more variety of cards that he has the ability to stop definitely adds some appeal to this card.

If you think a majority of the Dark World decks you will be facing in tournaments are going to be packing copies of Dark World Lightning and perhaps maxing out on Fabled Raven I think the obvious choice would be to go with Watcher. On the other hand if you see a lot of players playing cards like Dark World Dealings and trying to go the more speed oriented route then I think Gemini Imps will prove much more devastating and help you easily balance the playing field.

Honorable Mentions
Koa’ki Meriu Doom – This 1700 monster can negate all Dark World monster’s effects and is also a fiend so even with the field spell he will be tough to be ran over. The downsides consists of having to have another fiend monster in your hand to keep him alive and the fact if they can put a Grapha in the grave they can summon him back and run over Doom no problem. They can also summon a Snoww and suicide as they have the same attack. A Doom with a decent amount of protection though can really put your opponent on their death bed if they aren’t careful.

D.D. Crow – This card can remove your opponent’s Grapha out of the grave and cut the head off their deck. You can also chain this card if your opponent is packing copies of Beige or Goldd and simply remove them from play. The main downside is this card will be a minus one on your part in most cases, but sometimes you can handle that minus and put yourself in a game-clinching situation.

Different Dimension Ground – This card is a lot like crow in the sense that you might take a minus one to get a job done. When your opponent activates the effect of the field spell you can chain this making sure whatever they discard will get banished and essentially stop them for the rest of the turn. The main downside if when you chain this your opponent is still deciding what cards they want to discard so they can pitch what they don’t really need and save their Grapha or Snoww for next turn.

Conclusion – It is the month of Halloween and with it the Dark World Structure deck has been released threatening the meta as we know it. I believe that without a doubt Dark World will have an impact on the upcoming YCS Columbus this weekend and everyone attending should take them into account. With the proper side deck cards I feel this new top deck will be able to be dealt with by most other decks that have seen success this season so far.
Thank you for reading! I hope some of my suggestions and explanations for cards to use against this new deck will be helpful! Even if you are not going to a major event anytime soon you can expect to see this new structure deck wreaking havoc at a local gaming store near you!

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--Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto Winner