Destiny Hero-Absolute Zero?

In the recent months, Dino Rabbit and Hyperion/T.G. Agents have risen to become top contenders. However, one of our old friends, the HERO deck, has fallen to the wayside, longing for someone to take it back to the top. With the release of the new HERO fusions, the old Named HERO builds will never come back, but what about the Nameless HERO build? Can it make a comeback? Well, here’s my list to do just that!

Destiny Hero-Absolute Zero?

Monsters (22):

2x Destiny HERO-Diamond Dude

3x Destiny HERO-Dogma

3x Destiny HERO-Plasma

2x Elemental HERO Heat

3x Elemental HERO Neos Alius

2x Elemental HERO Ocean

1x Elemental HERO Stratos

3x Reborn Tengu

3x Snowman Eater

Spells (20):

1x Burial From A Different Dimension

1x Dark Hole

2x Destiny Draw

3x Fusion Gate

1x Future Fusion

1x Heavy Storm

3x Miracle Fusion

1x Monster Reborn

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Super Polymerization

3x Trade-In

Traps (2):

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Trap Dustshoot

Extra Deck (15):

2x Destiny End Dragoon

3x Elemental HERO Absolute Zero

2x Elemental HERO Gaia

3x Elemental HERO Great Tornado

2x Elemental HERO Nova Master

3x Elemental HERO The Shining

I know, I know, a 44 card list is a bit much. But believe me when I say you’ll burn right through it. Here’s the breakdown.

Engine: The obvious base engine is Stratos. Search out any HERO from your main deck; add it to your hand. On its own, that’s amazing, but combine it with Trade-In or Destiny Draw by searching either Dogma or Plasma, and you’ve gone into your deck for 3 cards instead of 1. Also, Diamond Dude allows for nice plays, if you manage to hit either of the aforementioned draw cards, or any of your other Normal Spell Cards.

Combos/Kill Condition: This deck is all about busting out fusion after fusion to beat your opponent down quickly and efficiently. Fusion gate allows for this to happen at the drop of the hat, and with Reborn Tengu, spamming Elemental Hero Great Tornado just became a whole lot easier. Also, if b some stroke of luck you manage to get both Dogma and Plasma in hand at the same time Fusion Gate is active, you can drop the big-shagnasty of this deck, Destiny End Dragoon (note that it does NOT count as a HERO monster).  This guy can take care of pretty much any monster your opponent throws at you by battle, and if attacking isn’t a viable option, just use his effect to destroy your opponent’s monster, and deal damage equal to that monsters ATK. And if he just wasn’t overpowered enough, he has a great recursion effect, allowing you to bust him back out of the grave at a moment’s notice. One final combo of note is that thanks to all the Trade-In and Destiny Draw plays, Elemental HERO Absolute Zero becomes a viable play quickly, as long as you manage to draw into one of your 5 water monsters (and let’s be honest, the odds are pretty good). Thanks to it being the only Elemental HERO fusion that only specifies that you use a HERO monster, not an Elemental HERO, you can use Dogma, Plasma, and Diamond Dude to easily bring out this Raigeki-on-a-stick.

Overall Price: With the release of the Legendary Collection 2: The Academy Years, a number of these cards have been reprinted, and can be obtained easily. Your Fusions, however, might be a bit more difficult. Gaia was reprinted as a Super Rare in the Wind-Up Zenmeister tin as one of the promo cards, and Absolute Zero was one of the Super Rare variant cards in the Generation Force Special Edition packs. Great Tornado can be found as a promo in the Legendary Collection 2 binders, and Nova Master can be found as an Ultra/Ultimate Rare in Generation Force. Destiny End Dragoon was printed in the Legendary Collection 2 Mega-Packs, so you should be able to pull it fairly easily. The real problem is The Shining. Unfortunately the only place The Shining was released was as the manga promo card in Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Volume 6. As such, obtaining it might be a tad difficult, but with enough patience and internet searching, you should be able to obtain your copies.

Side Deck Options: As always, I would recommend the staples. 3 Thunder King Rai-oh, 2 Chain Disappearance, 2 Dimensional Prison, 2 Bottomless Trap Hole, and your 3rd Mystical Space Typhoon are all musts. I would consider adding in 2 Dust Tornadoes for the Gravekeeper matchup as well, since Necrovalley destroys your ability to play Miracle Fusion, or to reuse Dragoon. Maybe 2 Effect Veiler, since it can stop your opponents from making their big plays, and if you go that route, a Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning is easily card number 15. With Thunder King, Veiler, and Neos Alius as your Lights, and all of your Destiny HEROs as your Darks, he should be fairly easy to bust out. Of course, these are just some of the many options you have.

All in all, this deck does what it’s supposed to do: put a monster on the board, then turn that monster into more monsters. It has no real auto-losses except to Gravekeepers, and with the way I have the side deck set up, you should be able to handle them fairly simply Game 2 and 3. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any real auto wins either. Also, the mirror match is definitely interesting, as Fusion Gate feeds both players. Your best hope is simply to draw into your techs, and scoop your opponent’s feet out from under them with some off-the-wall Dragoon play.

As far as playtesting this deck, it had a fairly good run. It did lose the Gravekeeper matchup in game 3, and one of the mirrors in game 3 as well, but it did beat out X-Sabers, Karakuri, Fabled, and Nordics pretty handily. A funny moment to close on: Opponent had double Odin on the field with 3800 LP, and my friend who was testing the deck had Fusion gate on the field, Dogma in hand, and less than 1000 LP. He draws for turn, ends up topdecking Plasma, fuses for Dragoon, and uses Dragoon’s effect for match. The look on his opponent’s face? Priceless! Well, that’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed this article, and here’s hoping it gave you some ideas. Best of luck in your games, and have fun!

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