Exploring The Playing Field – Apoqliphort Towers

Hello duelists! This week I'd like to talk about a card I'm sure you have all heard of recently: Apoqliphort Towers! Today I'll be discussing the reasons why I think it isn’t worth playing. Let's get right into the article!

What matchup do you actually want it against?

The matchups I've noticed that you typically want Apoqliphort Towers against are Burning Abyss and Shaddoll. This past weekend, that's exactly what the Burning Abyss players expected would happen: that Qliphort would try to steal some games by throwing out Apoqliphort Towers. Now the Burning Abyss players were actually prepared for this so they were maining a copy of Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force. Now what you're probably thinking is, "How would Constellar Pleaides get around Apoqliphort Towers?" Well, it doesn't, but what does is Chronomaly Crystal Chronomaly with Rank Up Magic Astral Force, allowing you to special summon Number C69: Heraldry Crest, with a gigantic 4000 attack! What was once considered an auto-win now has a relatively easy out.

This card can also just outright beat Shaddolls if summoned, but the Shaddoll Matchup isn't very tough, because you can usually just OTK them. So I don't think you even need Apoqliphort Towers. However, if you're using Shaddolls and are worried about Apoqliphort Towers then there is also a card that can help you: Glow-Up Bulb. Glow-Up Bulb now has some synergy with the deck thanks to the new Earth Fusion monster, El Shaddoll Shekhinaga. Glow-Up Bulb lets you summon Star Eater by synchroing with Shekhinaga. In this case, Star Eater’s effects are double-edged – when it’s summoned, cards and effects can’t be activated, so you don’t get to add back a Shaddoll spell or trap card from Shekhinaga’s effect. But Star Eater is also unaffected by card effects when battling, so its attack won’t be reduced and it can successfully destroy Towers by battle. This line of play is rarely useful unless you’re winning the game that turn, though, since your opponent will just bounce Star Eater with Carrier’s effect next.

If you're summoning 3 monsters without even normal summoning shouldn't you be winning?

The main problem with Towers is obviously its summoning condition: it requires you to tribute three monsters. Getting three monsters on the field isn't very easy, especially without using your normal summon. Now, if you're summoning three monsters before you've even normal summoned, this can mean one of probably two things. 1) Your opponent doesn't have a single good summon-response trap card because you're summoning three monsters unopposed. In this case, you’re almost certain to win the game through the field clearing effects of Carrier and Helix when you tribute them for Disk, and push for over 8000 damage. 2) You activate Trap Stun, and your opponent did not have Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your Pendulum Scales so you summon out a couple of monster(for example purposes let's say three), your opponent can't really do much since their traps are useless this turn and then you summon Apoqliphort Towers and all those trap cards that could have prevented him from coming out (such as Karma Cut and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast in Burning Abyss, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning, etc.) didn't prevent him from coming out. Notice how the trap cards I listed are only actually played by Burning Abyss so against Shaddolls Trap Stun wouldn't do as much. Now let's think about that same scenario where you summon 2 or 3 monsters under Trap Stun but instead of summoning Apoqliphort Towers you were to summon Qliphort Disk or Qliphort Shell either is fine. (Now we'll assume that you pendulum summon 3 monsters or 2 monsters and one is equipped with Saqlifice) Odds are that at least one of the monsters you pendulum summoned is a Carrier. And if you're pendulum summoning you probably have Carrier and Scout or you have Performapal Trampolynx and Scout in the Pendulum zone (If you have Trampolynx and Scout which just add a Saqlifice when you return Scout after the Pendulum summon and equip it to Shell/Disk) If you tribute summon Qliphort Disk and use his effect to special summon two monsters (and use Carrier to bounce any monsters your opponent may have) that's more than enough to attack for game (21,21,21,31) Or you can summon Qliphort Shell bounce whatever monster your opponent has to their hand attack twice with Shell for 31 and 31 again, then with your other monster for 21 which is also game. Situations like this are what makes me think Apoqliphort Towers is very unnecessary.

-1 anytime you're going 2nd

He doesn't really do anything when going second other than act as a -1 in your hand any turn that you can't summon him. So 15% of the time you would be starting out with a -1. The ideal Qliphort setup is to just equip Helix or Carrier with Saqlifice, set your backrow and pass when going second while your opponent has backrow. Summoning Apoqliphort Towers turn one requires a rare 4-card combo, so it’s extremely unlikely to happen. Burning Abyss have a plethora of traps, so this ideal setup going to go through when going second, and Apoqliphort Towers won't do anything to help advance your gamestate.

Towers also makes hands without Scout that much worse, since it’s not a defensive card or a consistency card, one of which you could run instead to let you survive to see Scout.

Not very good in the mirror match

Apoqliphort Towers doesn't really do much in the mirror match other than just get rid of three of your monsters for no reason as your opponent can just attack over Apoqliphort Towers with a powered up normal summoned Qliphort Disk.

Because of all the reasons I mentioned here, I don't think that Apoqliphort Towers really deserves a spot in the main deck. One player who made the top cut of ARGCS Raleigh decided to side into Apoqliphort Towers and the rest didn't even play him, so they probably came to the same conclusions as I did.

That's all for this week's article! If you'd like to see me write about a certain topic feel free to message me on Facebook. The Circuit Series stops by Seattle, WA next on November 8-9. I hope to see you all there!

And As Always Play Hard or Go Home!