Feature Match Round 1 – Vince Clarizio Vs. Sehabi Kheredine

Starting Round 1


Vince wins roll to start.

He activates Seven Star Sword, Banish Blaster, Draw 2, Search another Blaster.  Sets 1 and passes.

Sehabi's starting hand is Dragunity Dux, Maxx C, Dragon Ravine, Tidal, Blaster, Dragunity Phalanx, he plays Ravine and discards Phalanx to send Tempest to graveDSC04374.

Sehabi banishes tidal from hand an tempest from grave to summon Blaster from hand.  Vinc chains Maxx C to draw 1 off the summon while Sehabi searches another copy of tempest and tidal before attacking Vince directly to deal 2800 points of damage.

Vince drws for turn, checks his set card and Summons Lonefire Blossom. Upon activating Lonefire's effect, Sehabite chains Maxx C. Vince summons Dandylion in defense position, allowing Sehabi to draw Gold Sarcophagus before Vince passes his turn and Blaster returns to the hand. Sehabi draws into Terraforming and ponders what to do next. He plays terraforming to search another Dragon Ravine and then plays gold sarcophagus, allowing him to banish Redox and search another copy of itself with Redox's effect.  Sehabi then discards his new Redox to search a Dragunity Phalanx and add it to his hand. He then discards the same Phalanx for Tempest to search a second  Blaster. He discards both Blasters in his hand to pop Vince's backrow, which was Trap Stun. Sehabi then summons Dragunity Dux, equips phalanx, special summons Dragunity Phalanx. Vince then chains Maxx c, Sehabi synchros to Dragunity Vajrayana, equips Phalanx and special summons it, synchros for Crimson Blader, attacks over Dandylion thus resolving a Blader. From this, Vince special summons s two Fluff tokens after drawing several cards from Sehabi's summoning spree.

Vince draws for turn, thinks and then activates Seven Star Sword, banishing a blaster to draw 2 and search for another copy of Blaster. He then summons a Crane Crane, using its effect to revive Dandylion and overlays the two monsters for a Meliae of the Trees. He detaches Crane Crane to send a Fallen Angel of Roses from deck to grave. He then sets three cards, discards Blaster to reduce his hand to 6 cards, and passes turn. Sehabi draws and discards Tidal to search another Dragunity Dux with Dragon Ravine. He then normal summons the Dragunity Dux, equips and summons Phalanx before synchroing into Dragunity Vajrayan and repeats the equip and summon of Phalanx in defense position. Sehabi spreads out his grave and banishes Tempest and Maxx C to special summon Redox from grave. With the Tempest he searched a Dragunity Arma Mystletain. He tributes the Phalanx to summon the Mystletain. He re-does the Phalanx trick and overlays his Vajrayana and Mystletain for a Constellar Ptolemy M7. He detaches Mysteltain to  then adds it back to his hand. He tributes Phalanx and repeats the trick before synchroing for a Stardust Dragon. By banishing Mysletain and Vajrayana from grave, Sehabi summons Tidal and overlays it with Redox for a Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger. He then summons Blaster for banihsing blaster and Phalanx. He declares an attack with Crimson Blader, targetting Meliae but Vince responds with a PWWB, returning Blader to the extra deck. Sehabi then pierces a token with Gaia Dragon, dealing 2600 points of damage and attacks Vince's attack position Meliae with Blaster, triggering Dandylion's effect to summon 2 tokens. Sehabi then reduces the token count 1 by attacking them with M7 and Tidal.


Vince draws for turn , checks his grave  and thinks about what to do next. He summons Debris Dragon and attempts to activate its effect, Sehabi responds with a Maxx C and vince summons Lonefire Blossom before synchro summoning Stardust SPark Dragon and banishing Debris and Lonefire to summon Blaster, allowing Sehabi to draw three cards once the play was complete.d. Vince then uses Call of the Haunted to summon Spore from grave and synchros for a Crimson Blader, his field is now Stardust Spark and Crimson Blader. He resolves Blader by attacking over Sehabi's M7 with it and then protects his Stardust Spark before crashing into Sehabi's Stardust Dragon.

Sehabi draws into another Terraforming and searches his third Dragon Ravine with it. He activates Sacred Sword, banishing Tempest with any targets left in deck to search for. Sehabi's field is a lonely Gaia Dragon and he is unable to summon level 5 or higher due to Crimson Blader's effect. Sehabi attacks Stardust Spark with his Gaia but Vince uses its effect ot protect itself, leaving Vince with the same field and 100 less life points. Sehabi then discards double Blaster to pop the Crimson Blader, sets two and passes his turn.

Vince draws before activating Sixth Sense, calling 4 and 5. Sejabi tolls a 2 and Vince mills  a Crane Crane and a Book of Moon. He then discards Redox and Card Trooper for Redox's effect to revive Crimson Blader from his grave. Vince attacks Gaia Charger but his attack is met by a PWWB, returning it to the extra deck. Vince puts Stardust Spark to defense and ends, prompting Sehabi to PWWB Vince's other backrow.DSC04378

Sehabi draws for turn, summons Dux and does the Phalanx trick to get a Vajrayana equipped with Phalanx. He then synchros for Crimson Blader and banishes two Vajrayanas from grave, as well as a Stardust and a Maxx C to summon Redox and Blaster. He discards a Dragon Ravine to activate Ravine's effect to send Tidal to grave. He banishes Phalanx and Blaster to Summon Tidal. He then attacks Spark with Gaia, Vince protects it before Blader runs right over it, causing Vince to scoop up his cards.

Both players agree to side out Return from the Different Dimension and Sixth Sense before proceeding to siding out whatever else they wanted.

Sehabi wishes Vince good luck and Vince draws his starting hand of six cards, setting one of them and passing turn.  This time Sehabi opened with two Tempest, Blaster, PWWB, Heavy Slump, and draws into Dux. He discads both tempest to search Phalanx, sets one and passes turn. Vince then draws, sets a monster and another spell or trade and passes turn back to Sehabi, who draws into a Redox. He activates PWWB, discarding Phalanx to reutnr oneo f Vince's set backrows. Sehabi summons Dux and start the Phalanx play, Vince draws Maxx C and Sehabi continues into Vajrayana, equipped and summoning Phalanx before banishing both Tempests in grave to summon Blaster, searching Mystletain with Tempest. HE tributes Phalanx for the Mystletain, equiping and summon Phalanx and then overlays Mystletain and Vajrayana for Hieraic Dragon King of Atum, using its effect to summon a Tidal. He overlays Blaster and Tidal for a Dracossack, Vince then takes time to think and chains Effect Veiler to Dracossack's effect to summon tokens.  Sehabi overlays a Gaia Dragon on top of his used Atum, reminding Vince to draw for Maxx C before attacking Vince's set monster with the Gaia. The card destroyed was a Dandylion, so Vince got two tokens and took the piercing damage. Sehabi tributes Dracossack to target Vince's set card, Vince forgets the the Dracossack is under Veiler and chains it. Sehabi proceeds to summon a few dragons, make a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and then synchros for a Stardust Spark. Upon Vince entering his turn, Sehabi activates Heavy Slump, making Vince return his gigantic hand, drawn from the cards he got off of Maxx C, to his deck and draw two cards as the crowd goes wild.

Back to Sehabi's turn, he detaches from Dracossack to get tokens and attack Vince's leftover fluff tokens. Vince draws for his turn, activates Foolish Burial and sends a Tempest to the grave.  It is still Vince's turn when "time" is called.  Vince sumons a Redo by banishing a Tempest and a Maxx C and searches Debris Dragon with his Tempest. He summons debris and summons Dandylion before synchro summoning Black Rose but doesn't nuke the field. He summons 2 fluff tokens from Dandylion. Vince overlays his two level 7s for a Number 11: Big Eye and detaches Redox to steal Sehabi's material-less Dracosack and  uses Electric Virus to steal Sehabi's Spark Dragon. After attacking, Vince decided to tribute the Dracossack away, leaving Sehabi with 1 token. Sehabi then draws and spends some time thinking, does nothing and passes his turn. Vince draws and shows Sehabi his grave, he attacks Sehabi's token with Stardust Spark and his life points with Big Eye, dropping Sehabi down to 5400 life points. Vince then banishes Debris Dragon and Maxx C to summon Redox before giving  Sehabi the turn. Vince activates Dragon Ravine and discards another Ravine to send Tempest to grave. He banishes Dragunity Dux and a Redox to summon the Tempest, using Redox's effect to search another copy of itself. He thenactivates Sacred Sword of Seven Stars to banish Redox and draw two. He activates Terraforming to search another Ravine, which he plays and discards Tidal with to send a Blaster to grave. He summons Tidal from grave by banishing a Blaster and another Tidal, searching another Blaster. Sehabi then overlays Tempest and Tidal for a Number 11: Big Eye, stealing Vince's Big Eye and then stealing Stardust Spark as well, Vince chains Stardust Spark's effect to protect his Redox.DSC04380


Sehabi passes his turn and Redox returns to the hand. This is now Vince's turn as well at turn 4 of "time".  Life is Sehabi: 5400, Vince: 5700. Vince normal summons Debris Dragon and uses its effect to special summon Dandylion from grave, he then synchro summon using dandy, a token, and Debris to make a Scrap Dragon. He uses Scrap Dragon's effect to pop a token and Pop Sehabi's Number 11: Big Eye. before declaring an 'attack on Stardst Spark Dragon, to which Sehabi chains Stardust Spark's effect. Before ending, Vince sets on and banishes 2 from grave to summon Redox in defense. Sehabi draws into a PWWB on his next turn, turn 5 of "time: . He ativates Dragon Ravine's effect by discarding the PWWB and uses it to send a Redox to grave. He then summons Tempest and Blaster by banishing two Dracossacks, a Tidal and Redox. Sehabi overlays for Gaia Charger and attacks a token to pierce for game!

Sehabi Keredine wins his first match of the ARG Metro Series in Montreal in style!