Feature Match Round 2: Kenny Johnson vs. Maverick Steele!

Round 2 has found Kenny Johnson vs Maverick Steele! Will Dragons be able to overpower the awesome deterrent that Spellbooks have in the form of Spellbook of Fate? Spellbooks are often the deck that people have said they are most afraid to duel against! Let's see if Maverick can bottle that fear and use it as a weapon against Kenny today!

Steele won the die roll and elected to go first. His opening hand consisted of two copies of Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Maxx “C,” Justice of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets and Pot of Duality.

He summoned Spellbook Magician and added Tower to his hand. Using Secrets, he added Spellbook of the Master to his hand and used that to search out a Spellbook of Fate! Duality revealed a Solemn Warning, Bottomless Trap Hole and Fiendish Chain, of which Steele took Warning. He set two facedown cards and activated Tower to end a very strong first turn!

Johnson started his turn by activating Dragon’s Ravine on top of Tower to destroy it. He discarded Maxx “C” with Ravine to add Dragunity Corsesca from his deck to his hand and Normal Summoned it! Then he used’s Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders’ effect by discarding both to target the one he discarded! Steele chained Maxx “C,” so Johnson went into his Battle Phase.

Steele used Fate and banished two and flip his Spellbook Magician facedown. When flipped, Steele searched a Secrets from his deck but was unable to stop Redox from attacking directly and taking fist blood. During Main Phase 2, Johnson summoned Colossal Fighter to give Steele another draw.

Steele Normal Summoned Spellbook Magician and searched for a Fate. Secrets turned into a Spellbook of Eternity, which netted him a Master. He copied Secrets to add the Grand Spellbook Tower from his deck to his hand. Using Fate to banish Fate, the first Tower and a Master, Colossal Fighter left the field without a trace. Steele attacked for a modest 500 to cut Johnson's lead to 1100.

Johnson responded yet again by playing a Ravine over Tower and then pitched Blaster to send Tidal to his graveyard. He used Cards of Consonance and discarded Flamvell Guard and drew two more cards. But when Johnson banished two Maxx “C” to Special Summon a Redox from his graveyard, Steele responded with another Maxx “C” to net him more cards.

Johnson responded by removing Guard and Tidal to summon his discarded Blaster from his graveyard. After drawing from Maxx “C,” Steele banished the Blaster with Bottomless Trap hole, though he still searched a Tidal with the banished Tidal’s effect. But the mutlitiude of counters counldn’t stop Redox, and it destroyed Spellbook Magician to make the score Johson 7500 and Steele 5300.

Steele was clearly suffering without a live Tower, but used Eternity to get back Secrets and then a Power from his deck. He Normal Summoned Justice and used Power to attack over Redox and then searched a Secrets after dealing 1000 damage. He set one backrow and ended without using Justice effect (note: two copies of High Priestess of Prophecy were in Steele’s hand.)

Johnson again used Ravine and discarded Tidal to send Blaster from his deck to his graveyard. Then he Special Summoned Blaster by banishing a Tempest from his hand and a Redox sleeping in the graveyard. Though Steele responded with a Solemn Warning, Johnson still got two searches!

Johson then banished a Redox and Corsesca to summon Tidal from his graveyard, but when it tried to attack, Steele used Book of Moon to flip the Tidal facedown. Johnson set one and ended his turn.

Steele’s Pot of Duality revealed a Kycoo, Spellbook of Life and Enemy Controller and deliberated for a while before finally adding Kycoo to his hand. He searched a Wisdom with his last Secrets, set a card and summoned Kycoo before ending.

Johnson Flip Summoned his set Tidal and used Ravine another time to pitch his Tempest to send his last Tidal to his graveyard. Tidal successfully attacked over Kycoo with no fear of the backrow, and when he flipped a Return from a Different Dimension in the Battle Phase, Steele picked up his cards and went to game two!

Thanks to Dragon’s Ravine, Johnson was able to work his way out of a tough spot and capture game one. Steele needed to win both games to keep his perfect record and started game two.

Steele activated Duality and immediately added Soul Drain without seeing rest. Secrets gave him Magician, and that gave him another Secrets! He set four to end his turn.

Johnson played ravine, pitched Tidal to send a Tempest to his graveyard, but his only follow up was setting one before he ended his turn.

Steele started his turn by summoning Blue Boy and searched a tower and immediately activated it, destroying Johnson’s Ravine! He attacked with both for 1000 damage.

Johnson started with four in hand and two Dragon Rulers in graveyard, but Steele immediately put both of them back with The Transmigration Prophecy. Johnson followed by discarding Blaster and Guard to hit the Soul Drain, and then used Redox to reborn the Blaster! However, Warning negated the summon of Blaster and Johnson ended with just one card to his name.

Steele used Secrets and searched his third Spellbook Magician and with it searched Fate. Two of his Magicians came together to form Shining Elf, and Steele dropped Johnson to 4900 Life Points!


Johnson started his turn with Mystical Space Typhoon and targeted a set Fate, but Steele responded by using Fate to set his last Spellbook Magician! Johnson banished Redox and Flamvell Guard for Blaster, but when Steele responded with D. D. Crow to banish Blaster, Johnson conceded game 2!

Steele claimed an overwhelming victory, and Johnson immediately began digging in his sidedeck for some fresh options.

Johnson used Sacred Swords to banish Tempest and search Corsesca, then used Cards of Consonance to send Corsesca to graveyard for two more cards. Ravine was used to discard Tidal to send White Stone of Legend, which netted Johnson a Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Blaster banished Tidal and Blue-Eyes, and Johnson set three before ending his explosive first turn.

Steele summoned Spellbook Magician and activated the effect, but Johnson chained Skill Drain and negated the effect. His Tower died to a Mystical Space Typhoon, and after Steele sent two, he ended his turn, technically winning in Life Points.

Johnson used Ravine again to put a Redox and Tempest in graveyard. He flipped his facedown Sacred Swords to banish Tidal and draw two, but he didn’t activate the effect. Blaster attacked and Spellbook Magicain. During the Main Phase 2, Redox lost out to Soul Drain.

Steele set one monster and ended his turn.

Johnson Normal Summoned Debris Dragon and targeted White Stone of Legend, and Steele responded with D.D. Crow to banish the target even though Debris effect was negated. Blaster destroyed Steele’s other facedown D.D. Crow and attacked directly with Debris Dragon to put him up 7000 to 3700.

Duality got Steele a Tower. He activated the Tower and set his last card in hand.

Johnson had overwhelming advantage used his on-field Blaster and Debris Dragon to attack for game!

“Since Dragon Rulers first came out, I’ve been playing them,” Kenny Johnson said of his deck. “I really think they’re Tier 0, and just too overpowered with so much draw power. I sided in Skill Drain, Royal Decree and Mystical Space Typhoon. They’re just too strong.”