Feature Match Round 3: Robert Scarpelli(Mythic Rulers) vs Darius Mcgee(Anti-Meta)

Here in round 3 we've got Robert Scarpelli piloting Mythic Dragon Rulers, a deck that really needs no explanation. It's without a doubt one of the favorite contenders this weekend to utilize Soul Charge to its full potential. His opponent, Darius Mcgee, is piloting an Anti-Meta Stun deck that packs cards like Banisher of the Radiance and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo in the main deck. These cards are inherently good against all the top decks right now, and could likely be the deciding factor in this matchup.

Darius started things off by summoning a Banisher of the Radiance, backed by 2 backrow cards.

Robert's turn was equally as monotonous, as he simply pitched a Blue Eyes White Dragon for Trade-In and set a card to each zone.

Play was back to Darius who activated Mystical Space Typhoon on Robert's face down Soul Charge. Fossil Dyna came down next and it crashed into a face down Flamvell Guard. Darius Passed turn.

The next few turns consisted of drawing, setting and passing from both players, until Robert activated a Gold Sarcophagus to banisher Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos. Off of its effect he searched a Flamvell Guard. He activated a Cards of Consonance discarding the Flamvell Guard to draw 2 new cards. He set yet another card and passed back to Darius.

Darius started his next turn off by activating Pot of Duality, revealing Banisher, Dark Hole and Spirit Reaper. He opted to add Dark Hole. He followed it up by summoning Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind and it was met with a Torrential Tribute. Robert lost his Flamvell Guard, but Darius was dealt a more crushing tempo swing as he lost Banisher, Fossil Dyna and Gale.

With the game swinging in Robert's favor, he activated Dragon Shrine to send Redox to the graveyard. He activated Soul Charge, targeting Redox and Flamvell Guard, taking 2000 damage in the process. He synchro summoned the 2 for Stardust Dragon, and then special summoned Tempest from his hand by banishing Redox and Flamvell Guard. Redox's effect triggered and added a Mythic Tree Dragon to his hand, and it was promptly normal summoned. Mythic Water Dragon came down next and Darius opted to activate Compulsory Evacuation Device, targeting the Tree Dragon. Robert set a card and passed back to Darius.

He drew D.D. Warrior Lady and activated Dark Hole. Robert tributed his Stardust to negate the Dark Hole and Darius followed it up by summoning another Fossil Dyna, effectively shutting off the recursion of Stardust. He set a card and passed back to Robert.

Robert drew for turn and added Blaster to his hand via Gold Sarcophagus during the standby phase, then activated an Upstart Goblin. He activated Trade-In next, ditching Blue Eyes to net 2 new cards. Dragon Shrine was next, pitching a Tidal from the deck to the graveyard. He activated 2 Reckless Greeds after, to dig 4 cards deeper into his deck, set 3 and passed back to Darius, who had somehow pulled the tempo in his favor.

Another Pot of Duality came down for Darius, this time revealing Solemn Warning, Mystical Space Typhoon and D.D. Warrior Lady. Not much of a choice in this situation, he took the Solemn Warning, then summoned D.D. Warrior Lady. He turned his Fossil Dyna to defense, reading a likely Mirror Force, and the Warrior Lady attacked into the Water Dragon, removing it from the game. He set a card and passed back to Robert.

Under Reckless, he was unable to draw. He started his turn by activating Compulsory Evacuation Device on Fossil Dyna and then activated Soul Charge, successfully baiting out the Solemn Warning that Darius just added, courtesy of Duality. He then activated Tidal's effect to special summon itself by banishing Blue Eyes and Stardust from the graveyard. He then normal summoned Mythic Tree Dragon and overlaid the two for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. He detached Tidal for Dracossack's effect, putting two tokens on the field. He tributed one of the tokens to hit Darius' D.D. Warrior Lady. He passed back to Darius.

Darius normal summoned yet another Fossil Dyna, attacking into the Mecha Phantom Beast token, Robert flipped up Phoenix Wing Wind Blast ditching Blaster in an attempt to spin the Dyna back to the top of the deck. However, Forbidden Lance came down to stymie the Wind Blast and the token was destroyed. He ended turn.

Robert started his turn off by tributing Dracossack to destroy the Fossil Dyna. He activated Blaster's effect to special summon itself by banishing Tempest and Mythic Tree Dragon. Tempest searched a Debris Dragon for Robert. He normal summoned the Debris Dragon and Darius flipped up Torrential Tribute. Obviously frustrated, he set a card and passed back to Darius.

Darius summoned Thunder King Rai-oh, attacked and set a card to his backrow.

Blaster attempted to resurrect itself once again by banishing Tidal and Debris Dragon, but it was banished via Bottomless Trap Hole courtesy of Darius.

Darius drew for turn and activated Dimensional Fissure, and with no reasonable way to win, Robert opted to go ahead and go to game 2.

Game 2

Robert opted to take first in game 2. He started it off by using Trade-In to pitch Blue Eyes and draw 2 new cards. Upstart Goblin was next, and then followed up with another Upstart. Foolish Burial was played next, sending Tidal to the graveyard. Soul Charge then brought back the Tidal and Blue Eyes and the start of game 2 was starting to look considerably strong for Robert. He normal summoned Debris Dragon and synchro summoned it with Tidal to make a Star Eater. He set a card to his backrow and passed.

The strong start would soon come to an end for Robert, who watched his Star Eater and Blue Eyes both fall victim to the double Smashing Ground that Darius opened up with. Then, as if to add insult to injury, Darius summoned Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and banished Debris Dragon and Blue Eyes via its effect when it struck for 1800 direct damage. He set Forbidden Lance to his backrow and in the end phase it was destroyed by Robert's Mystical Space Typhoon.

Robert, in a seemingly unfavorable position, simply set a monster in defense and passed.

Darius brought down D.D. Warrior Lady next and crashed it into Robert's Flamvell Guard to banish it from the game. Kycoo hit directly again and banished Star Eater.

Robert set a card to his backrow and passed back to Darius.

Darius summoned Gale and attacked with both it and Kycoo, set a card to the backrow and passed back to Robert.

Robert set a monster and once again passed.

Darius synchro summoned the Kycoo and Gale for Black Rose Dragon, blowing up the field. Then summoned Banisher and Robert conceded immediately.

Darius Mcgee steals a 2-0 win against Robert Scarpelli's Mythic Rulers.