Feature Match Round 4: Jerome Porter(Qliphorts) vs Peter Cheng(Satellarknights)

Here in round 4 we have Peter Cheng playing Satellarknights vs Jerome Porter, who is piloting Qliphorts.

Game 1

Jerome started things off with a Summoner's Art to search Qliphort Scout. He put it in a pendulum zone and paid 800 to search Qliphort Helix. He followed it up by playing Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon in the other pendulum zone and he pendulum summoned Helix, set 2 back row and searched out Performapal Trampolynx in the end phase with Odd Eyes.

Peter started things off with 2 Reinforcement of the Army, searching Vega and Deneb. He summoned Vega and attempted to use its effect, only to be shut down by Skill Drain. He ended his turn by setting 3 back row.

Jerome drew Solemn Warning, then paid 800 for Scout, but Peter had the Stellarnova Alpha to shut it down. However, Jerome had another Scout, which he used to search Qliphort Disk. Next came Trampolynx, and he pendulum summoned Scout and tributed the Helix and Scout for Disk. Trampolynx triggered and returned Scout, which was used to search Qlimate Change. He set 2 and passed.

Peter drew for turn, set a monster, 2 back row and passed.

Jerome followed by paying 800 too search another disk, pendulum'd Scout and Helix and Peter had Warning. Trampolynx triggered and bounced Scout, and Jerome summoned Disk and struck over the face down with Disk and then after looking at his next draw, Peter scooped.

Game 2

Peter started off by summoning Unukalhai, sending Deneb, setting 3 and then passing.

Jerome summoned Helix and attacked into a Dimensional Prison. He used Odd Eyes in main phase 2 and searched Scout during the end phase.

Peter simply attacked and passed back.

Jerome drew Skill Drain for turn and during the standby phase Peter activated Mind Crush, calling Qliphort Scout. Then proceeded to flip another calling Qliphort Disk, leaving only MST and Skill Drain.

Jerome simply passed to Peter, who attacked with Unukalhai and set a back row. Jerome top decked Summoner's Art and when he went to use Scout, it got shut off by MST, effectively ending the game.

Game 3

Jerome started the last game, using Scout to search Saqlifice. He then played Disk in the other pendulum zone and pendulum summoned Carrier and Helix. He equipped the Saqlifice to Helix and tributed it for Disk. Disk went off special summoning Scout and Helix from the deck, while the tributed Helix destroyed the pendulum zone Scout. Saqlifice added another Scout which added Qlimate Change. He set a card and passed.

Peter activated 2 Reinforcement of the Army and got Vega and Deneb. He summoned them both and added Altair off of Deneb. He overlaid the 2 for Exciton Knight and set 4 to his back row to end turn.

Jeroe drew for turn and searched Helix off of Scout. He tributed Carrier for Helix and bounced the Exciton Knight, then pendulum summoned Carrier and Helix, to which Peter used Bottomless Trap Hole. Disk then attacked into Dimensional Prison an Helix attacked directly. During the end phase Peter used Call of the Haunted to special summon Vega, which special summoned Altair, which grabbed Deneb to get another Altair to his hand.

Peter drew for turn and Jerome activated Vanity's Emptiness. The next few turns were comprised of Peter setting cards and Jerome searching via Scout, then normal summoning his Qliphorts and whittling through Peter's traps. The game came to an end when time had been called and Peter attempted to use Ceasefire for game, but Jerome had the Wiretap to seal the deal.

Jerome Porter is 4-0 with Qliphorts!