Feature Match Round 5: Corey Roca(Evilswarm) vs Daniel Joy(Reaper Turbo)

Here in round 5 we have a match-up that strays away from the barrage of Mermails and Dragons we've seen today. Corey Roca is undefeated with Evilswarm and his opponent, Daniel Joy, is here piloting a Reaper focused Spellbook deck. Without further delay, let's get to it.

Daniel started things off by summoning Kuribandit and he proceeded to the end phase activating its effect. It milled Soul Charge, Spellbook Star Hall, Threatening Roar, Spellbook of Wisdom and Reaper of Prophecy. He opted to add Soul Charge.

Corey's opening play was a little more orthodox. He summoned an Evilswarm Castor and an Evilswarm Mandragora with his additional normal summon, swung directly and in main phase 2 he overlaid for Evilswarm Ophion. The Ophion detached Mandragora in an attempt to activate its effect but was swiftly shut down via Effect Veiler. He ended his turn by setting 3.

Play was back to Daniel, who summoned a Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress. He attempted to activate her effect but was shut down with a Fiendish Chain. Daniel set Spellbook of Fate and it was destroyed in the end phase via Mystical Space Typhoon.

Evilswarm Heliotrope came down for Corey and it attacked over the Lyla, then Ophion hit directly. In main phase 2 he detached the Castor and added Infestation Infection. He set it and passed back to Daniel

Daniel drew for turn, thumbed his graveyard and normal summoned another Lyla. He activated its effect targeting Corey's face down Infestation Infection. Corey chained it, returning Heliotrope to search Evilswarm Kerykeion. Daniel then activated Soul Charge targeting only his Reaper of Prophecy and Corey activated Maxx "C" in response. The Reaper hit the field and its attack went up by 600. He set a card to his backrow and in the end phase Lyla milled Effect Veiler, Fool of Prophecy and Spellbook of Miracles.

Play was back to Corey, who summoned Kerykeion to which Daniel responded with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast targeting the Kerykeion. Corey responded with his face up Infestation Infection(which was supposed to be in the graveyard due to Lyla destroying it the turn before. Both players overlooked this) and he returned Kerykeion to add another Kerykeion. Ophion attacked over Lyla and he set 2 to his backrow to end the turn.

The following turn Daniel scooped up his cards knowing he couldn't deal with the Kerykeion the follwing turn.

Game 2

Daniel started game 2 off by revealing Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master and The Grand Spellbook Tower to special summon High Priestess of Prophecy. Secrets came down next to add Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He summoned it and added Spellbook Star Hall off of its effect. He played the Star Hall and followed it up with Spellbook of the Master, copying Secrets. It added Spellbook of Eternity. He activated the Tower, set a card to the backrow and ended.

Corey started things off by activating Mystical Space Typhoon on Daniel's face down Spellbook of Fate, to which Daniel responded using it to flip his Magician face down. Corey summoned Rescue Rabbit and banished it to get two Heliotropes and xyz summoned Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He used its effect to wipe the board and Daniel added another Spellbook Magician from his deck to hand via Star Hall and he special summoned Fool of Prophecy off of the Tower. Exciton Knight attacked over the Fool and Corey ended his turn by setting 3 to his backrow.

Daniel summoned Magician and it was met with Fiendish Chain, but Daniel had the Wisdom. Magician resolved and added Spellbook of Life. He followed it up with Eternity to add back Master, played the Master and copied Eternity to pull back Secrets. He used the Secrets to add another Wisdom. Spellbook of Life came next, special summoning Fool of Prophecy. He used its effect to send Spellbook of Power to the graveyard and in the end phase he special summoned Reaper of Prophecy, added Spellbook of Secrets and then special summoned Prophecy Destroyer.

Corey drew for turn and in order to use Exciton's effect he activate Infestation Pandemic to put himself at less cards. Daniel didn't have a response so Corey chained his own Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce Daniel's Prophecy Destroyer back to his hand. He set a card and passed.

Daniel normal summoned Fool of Prophecy and activated Secrets to search Life. He played the Life and it was met with Mystical Space Typhoon. He then used Fool's effect to send Spellbook of Eternity. He played another Tower, set a card to the backrow and in the end phase he once again special summoned Reaper of Prophecy, adding Secrets and bringing out another Prophecy Destroyer.

Corey drew Kerykeion for turn and immediately summoned it. He used its effect banishing Heliotrope to add another Heliotrope. He normal summoned the Heliotrope and overlaid the two for another Excition Knight. He detached Heliotrope and blew up the field once again. Tower special summoned Prophecy Destroyer for Daniel and Corey passed turn.

Daniel started his next turn off by special summoning Prophecy Destroyer from the graveyard by banishing Wisdom, Tower and Life. He overlaid the two Destroyers for Gauntlet Launcher and used its effect to destroy the Exciton Knight. He then brought Destroyer back once again by banishing Fate, Wisdom and Master. He activated secrets to add Spellbook Magician, summoned it and searched Spellbook of Power. He attacked directly with everything and set a card to end his turn.

Corey drew Solemn Warning for turn and conceded instantly with no way to make a play.(It's usually a good idea to side out Warning going second)

Game 3

Corey's hand in game 3 was by far favorable for someone going first. He summoned Castor, using its additional normal summon on Kerykeion. He overlaid them for Ophion and successfully resolved its effect, searching Infestation Pandemic. He set Solemn Warning, Fiendish Chain, Bottomless Trap Hole, Infestation Infection and Infestation Pandemic.

Daniel drew for turn and simply passed back to Corey.

Heliotrope came off the top and it pressed directly alongside Ophion for 4500 damage. He passed back to Daniel.

Daniel activated Spellbook of Secrets searching Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and when he attempted to summon it, it was met with a Solemn Warning. Daniel conceded instantly, revealing his hand of 2 Reapers and no other available plays.


Corey Roca advances to 5-0 with Evilswarm!