Feature Match Round 5: Matthew Nistico(Qliphorts) vs Patrick Hoban(Burning Abyss)

Here in round 5 we have a glimpse at a match between 2 decks that will most likely define the format. We have the well known Patrick Hoban piloting Burning Abyss, going up against Matthew Nistico piloting Qliphorts, who we saw earlier today. Matt is 4-0 and Pat is 3-0-1.

Game 1

Matt started things off by summoning Carrier and equipping it with Saqlifice, setting 2 to the back row and passed.

Hoban started things off with Upstart Goblin, then special summoning Rubic from his hand, then special summoning Calcab. He overlaid the 2 for Dante and detached Rubic to send 2 Cir and a Soul Charge. Cir activated and special summoned Rubic, then Pat normal summoned Calcab. He overlaid for another Dante and detached Rubic to send Tour Guide, Upstart Goblin and Graff. He special summoned Scarm off of Graff and he went to the battle phase and attacked into Skill Drain, but he had the Mystical Space Typhoon to shut it off. In main phase 2 he overlaid the 2 Dante for 2 Downerd Magician. In the end phase he added Graff off of Scarm.

Play was back to Matt who tributed Carrier for another Carrier, bouncing 1 of the Downerds. Calcab triggered when it went to the graveyard and Matt chained its target, Trap Stun. Dante resolved and added back Cir for Patrick. Matt then added Scout off of the Saqlifice. When he went to use the Scout Pat shut it off with MST. Matt just set a back row and passed.

Pat drew for turn and Downerd attacked Carrier and then detached Calcab to bounce the set card. He then normal summoned Scarm and it triggered and added Tour Guide in the end phase.

Play was back to Matt who just set 2 back row, and when it was Hoban's turn again he summoned Tour Guide, only to have it shut off by Skill Drain. He pressed on and attacked directly with Tour Guide and Downerd.

Matt drew for turn and activated MST on Pat's face down Karma Cut, then used Summoner's Art to search Scout. He used Scout to search Carrier and then pendulum summoned it along with another Carrier and Scout. Carrier attacked Downered and Dante added Scarm back. Then the other Carrier attacked the Tour Guide to end the turn.

Pat drew for turn and special summoned Rubic from his hand and overlaid it with a normal summoned Cir for Dante. Dante detached and milled 3 for cost and sent Beginning of the End, Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss and Black Luster Soldier. Dante then rammed into Carrier, and added back Fire Lake for Pat, Cir triggered and special summoned Dante back to the field. In main phase 2 he special summoned Graff and Scarm from his hand before setting a back row to end the turn.

Matt drew for turn and paid 800 for Scout, only to have Pat respond with Fire Lake sending Dante and Scarm, destroying Scout, Skill Drain and a Carrier. Matt wasn't phased as he tributed a Scout and Carrier leftover from the previous turn for Disk. Carrier triggered and returned Graff back to Pat's hand and he scooped it up knowing the game was over.

Game 2

Pat started game 2 off with an Upstart Goblin, and then a Tour Guide for Graff. He overlaid for Dante and detached Graff to send 2 Fire Lake and a Rubic. Graff triggered and special summoned Cir and then special summoned Alich from his hand. He overlaid the 2 for Dante and detached Cir to send Rubic, BLS and MST. He special summoned Graff off of Cir, set 3 and passed.

Matt started off with a Night Beam, hitting Fairy Wind. He attempted to follow it up with Scout, only to be met with MST. He tried to end his turn with 3 set back row only to have them blown out with Fire Lake in the end phase. He conceded immediately.

Game 3

Matt started off the final game with a normal summoned Disk, equipped with Saqlifice and backed by 2 back rows.

Pat used Upstart, and had a hand of 2 Cir, Tour Guide, Scarm, Fairy Wind and MST. He normal summoned Tour Guide and Matt responded with Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, to which Hoban responded with MST, only to have it met with Forbidden Chalice. The Tour Guide was shut off and he decided to run it into the disk. In main phase 2 Pat special summoned Scarm and Cir, then overlaid the 2 for Dante, before setting a back row to end the turn.

Matt simply set a card and passed.

Pat started his turn off by detaching Scarm, to send 3 to the graveyard. Soul Charge, Cir and Graff. Cir special summoned Graff and Graff special summoned Rubic. He synchro summoned the two for Virgil, Rockstar of the Burning Abyss. He then used Virgil to discard Scarm to return Saqlifice to the deck before attacking Disk with Virgil. Dante struck directly and Pat added Graff in the end phase, via Scarm.

Matt simply set a card to the back row and passed.

Pat used Virgil again, discarding Graff to spin a back row, and Graff special summoned Calcab from the deck. He then used Dante, detaching Cir to mill 3, sending Rank Up Magic Astral Force, Allure of Darkness and Karma Cut. He then overlaid the Graff and Calcab for Alucard, and when Pat detached Calcab via Alucard to pop his face down monster, Matt offered the handshake.


Patrick Hoban advances to 4-0-1 with pure Burning Abyss!