Feature Match Round 7: Coty Angeloff(Ghostricks) vs Ethan Reece(Mermails)

Here in round 7 we've got an interesting match-up. Ethan Reece, who we saw earlier, is 5-0-1 with Mermails and his opponent Coty Angeloff is also 5-0-1 with an interesting Ghostrick build that techs The Beginning of the End, The Dark Creator and the newly released Kuribandit. From what we've seen thus far, Kuribandit has the potential to set up graveyards for combo based decks, and as a result can completely dictate a game state from the moment it's played.  However, since it's new, it doesn't exactly have what one would consider a home-yet. Could Ghostricks be the deck it has the most synergy with? Let's get to it.

Ethan started the game off by setting a monster and 3 backrow.

Coty started off summoning Kuribandit, setting two backrow and then excavating Ghostrick Mary, Ghostrick Specter, Torrential Tribute, Bottomless Trap Hole and Monster Reincarnation. He opted to take Torrential Tribute.

Ethan simply flipped his Abysslinde face up and attacked directly for 1500.

Coty once again summoned a Kuribandit, set two cards and then excavated. This time he sent Ghostrick Mary, Ghostrick Specter, The Dark Creator, Kuribandit and Reckless Greed. He took Reckless Greed, his only target.

Ethan once again attacked directly with Abysslinde and then passed.

Play was back to Coty, who activated Beginning of the End, banishing 3 Kuribandit, Ghostrick Mary and Ghostrick Specter to draw 3 cards deeper in his deck. He set a card to each zone and passed back to Ethan.

Ethan activated Reckless Greed during his own turn, then summoned Abysspike, activated its effect discarding Abysshilde, searching Atlantean Marksman. Abysshilde attempted to activate and in response Coty dropped Maxx "C." The Abysshilde resolved, pulling back Abyssturge, which then discarded Atlantean Marksman to add back Abysshilde. The Marksman triggered, targeting Coty's face down monster and he responded with Needle Ceiling. Needle Ceiling resolved, effectively clearing Ethan's board and then Marksman resolved hitting the face down Jiangshi. Abysslinde went to the graveyard and special summoned Abyssocea. The Abyssocea attacked directly and Ethan ended his turn by setting one card to his backrow.

Play was back to Coty, who dug even deeper with an Allure of Darkness, banishing Ghostrick Mary. Reckless Greed was flipped next and he followed it up with a Tour Guide from the Underworld. Ethan attempted to activate Vanity's Emptiness and Coty flipped up Trap Stun! Maxx "C" then came down for Ethan and when the chains resolved, he drew a card off of the Tour Guide. Next the two Tour Guides were overlaid for Ghostrick Alucard. Alucard detached to hit Ethan's face down Bottomless Trap Hole. Mystical Space Typhoon came next, hitting Ethan's Reckless Greed.(He was unable to activate either because of the Trap Stun). Alucard struck over the Abyssocea and Coty ended his turn after setting 2 to the backrow.

Ethan simply set a card to each zone and passed, crippled by his own Vanity's Emptiness.

Coty went straight to Alucard's effect, detaching to hit Ethan's face down Abyssphere. Vanity's Emptiness then went to the graveyard. Coty normal summoned Ghostrick Jackfrost and chained his own Torrential Tribute, destroying Ethan's face down Maxx "C." Alucard's effect triggered, adding Jackfrost back to his hand. Next he summoned The Dark Creator. He followed it up with Beginning of the End, banishing 2 Tour Guides, Dark Creator, Ghostrick Mary and Ghostrick Specter, digging him 3 cards deeper into his deck. Dark Creator's effect came next, banishing Ghostrick Jiangshi to special summon Ghostrick Alucard. They both struck directly and in main phase 2 he overlaid the Alucard with Downerd Magician. He set a card to his backrow and passed.

Ethan wasn't in the most favorable position and when his attempted Abyssteus summon was met with Solemn Warning he instantly conceded.

Game 2

Ethan started game 2 off by setting a monster and 3 backrow.

Coty set a card to each zone, and when he attempted to go to the end phase, Ethan flipped up an Abyssphere that was promptly met with a Mystical Space Typhoon from Coty's hand.

Ethan drew for turn and revealed Abyssteus, discarding Marksman. The Marksman went on chain link 1 and the Abyssteus chain link 2. Marksman targeted Coty's face down monster and Abyssteus resolved adding Abyssocea. The face down Jiangshi bit the dust via Marksman and Abyssteus struck directly for 1700. In main phase 2 Ethan summoned Abyssocea and used its effect, sending Abyssteus to special summon Abysslinde and Abysshilde. He then overlaid the Hilde and Ocea for Alucard. He used its effect, detaching Abyssocea to hit Coty's face down Mystical Space Typhoon, which he chained to hit Ethan's Reckless Greed. Ethan pondered a second and decided to activate the Reckless in response.

Ethan drew and passed for turn.

Coty normal summoned yet another Tour Guide, pulling another from his deck. He overlaid the two for Leviathan Dragon and detached to boost it to 2500. Downerd attacked over the Abysslinde and detached Alucard after damage calculation. Alucard got back Jiangshi to Coty's hand and Ethan brought out Abysspike in defense off of Abysslinde's effect. Leviathan attacked over the Abysspike and the play was back to Ethan.

Ethan summone Abysspike, ditching Marksman to add Abyssgunde and ended his turn.

Coty detached Tour Guide for Leviathan to boost it to 3000, then struck over Abysspike. Downerd Magician then attacked over Alucard.

Ethan drew for turn then summoned Abyssturge, discarding Abyssgunde, targeting Abysslinde for Abyssturge's effect. The effect resolved and then Abyssgunde targeted and brought back Abysspike. Abysspike discarded Abysslinde to search another Abysslinde. He then overlaid for Bahamut Shark, attacked over Downerd and after Coty took damage, he discarded Ghostrick Mary to special summon Ghostrick Jiangshi in face down defense. Main phase 2 he detached Abysstruge to special summon Abysstrite. He set a card to his backrow and passed.

In an already favorable position, Coty activated Beginning of the End, banishing 3 Tour Guides, Downerd Magician and Kuribandit to draw 3 cards. He flip summoned Jiangshi to add Ghostrick Specter. Then he normal summoned another Jiangshi and overlaid for Alucard. He used it to hit Ethan's face down Fiendish Chain, to which he chained it, targeting Coty's Leviathan Dragon. Coty set 3 and overlaid the Leviathan for Downerd Magician to end his turn.

Ethan simply drew and Bahamut Shark attacked over Downerd Magician.

Play was back to Coty, who normal summoned Jianshi and flipped up his own Needle Ceiling. It resolved and Alucard triggered in the graveyard, pulling Jiangshi. Abysstrite attempted to resolve and Coty flipped up Transmigration Prophecy, returning the Abyssteus Ethan targeted with Abysstrite and his Abysshilde. The Dark Creator came next, banishing Downerd Magician to special summon Ghostrick Alucard. They both attacked directly and in main phase 2 he overlaid the Alucard with Downerd Magician. He set a card and passed.

The game was seemingly out of reach for Ethan and it was confirmed when he attempted to summon Abyssteus and had it met with Torrential Tribute, leaving him with no other cards in hand to Coty's 5.

Coty Angeloff advances to 6-0-1 with Ghostricks!