Feature Match Round 7: Dirk Wagner(Fire Fist) vs Jordan Winters(Fire Fist)

Dirk started the match off by activating Pot of Duality, revealing Cardcar D, Upstart Goblin and Mystical Space Typhoon. He normal summoned Cardcar D,  set three and drew two off of Cardcar.

Jordan opened up with Thunder King Raioh, Forbidden Lance, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla, Coach Soldier Wolfbark. Dimensional Prison and Mirror Force. He attempted to summon Thunder King and it was met with Solemn Warning. He set 3 to his back row and passed.

Upstart drew one for Dirk on his following turn. Next came another Duality, revealing Upstart Goblin, Mystical Space Typhoon and Fire Formation-Tenki.  He activated Tenki searching Bear. Then set two and passed, opting to not summon the Bear.

Jordan drew his own Tenki. He activated it and in response, Dirk flipped up Full House targeting his Tenki, Jordan’s Tenki and Jordan's 3 back row. Jordan scooped immediately, realizing there was no coming back from such a devastating momentum swing.

A clutch Full House in the main deck for Dirk steals game one in a matter of minutes.

Game 2

Jordan took first, setting 5 to start off game 2

Dirk activated Upstart, then followed it up with Pot of Duality, revealing Tenki, Lance and another Duality. He took the Tenki.  Then summoned Cardcar D, and Jordan flipped Torrential Tribute in response. Dirk proceeded to activate Tenki, and Jordan activated Dust Tornado in response.  Dirk ended his turn after setting 3 to his back row.

Jordan drew for turn and summoned Gorilla right into a Bottomless Trap Hole, and ended turn.

For the next couple turns, both players drew and passed.

Eventually Dirk activated Tenki, searching Bear. He attempted to summon the Bear and it was swiftly shut down via Solemn Warning.

Jordan drew for turn and passed.

Dirk set a card and passed.

Jordan activated Duality, revealing Cardcar, Overworked, and Fiendish Chain. He grabbed Cardcar and attempted to summon it, but it was shut down by Dirk's Solemn Warning. Unable to do anything else, Jordan passed.

Dirk set one and passed.

Play was back to Jordan, who used Duality to nab a Thunder King.  He summoned it and Dirk flipped Torrential Tribute, Jordan flipped lance and Dirk flipped Full House targeting Torrential, Lance and Jordan’s 3 back row. In response, Jordan flipped his face down Mystical Space Typhoon, hitting Dirk’s face down Fiendish Chain. Thunder king struck for 1100 and Jordan passed.

Dirk drew for turn, set a card and passed. In the end phase Jordan flipped up Dust Tornado on Dirk's face down Fire Formation-Gyokkou.

When it came back to Jordan, he simply used Thunder king to hit again directly. After not drawing an out to Thunder King, Dirk conceded defeat and we're off to game 3.

Game 3

Dirk went first. Setting 2 and getting the plus 1 with Cardcar D.

Jordan's hand had 2 Duality, Torrential, Lance, Solemn Warning and Dust Tornado. The Duality revealed Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole and Mystical Space Typhoon. He took the Space Typhoon and used it blindly in an attempt to stymie a dormant Full House. He missed, but he still took out a Fiendish Chain.

Dirk activated a Tenki, but it met its end via Dust Tornado, courtesy of Jordan. Upstart Goblin came down next, and then Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear got shut down by Solemn Warning.

Jordan drew Call of the Haunted, and activated his second Pot of Duality. It flipped over 2 Bear and an Effect Veiler. He decided to take a Bear, then successfully summoned and struck with it, triggering its ability. He grabbed a Tenki and in main phase 2 searched a Coach Soldier Wolfbark.

Dirk activated his own Tenki, and this time it resolved to get him a Bear of his own. He normal summoned the Bear and Jordan activated Torrential to clear the board. Dirk set a card and passed. During the end phase Jordan flipped up Call of the Haunted, targeting Bear.

Dimensional Prison came off the top for Jordan. He went straight to the battle phase and attacked with Bear. Dirk flipped up Memory of an Adversary and Jordan chained Forbidden Lance. The attack went through and Bear triggered, searching Fire Formation-Gyokkou. In main phase he activated Gyokkou on Dirk’s face down, and passed.

Dirk drew for turn and activated Gyokkou on Jordan’s face down. He followed it up  by summon Wolfbark, using it to pull back Bear. He overlaid them for Number 101: Silent Honors ARK, and detached two to take Jordan's Bear as an xyz material. Then struck directly with the ShARK.

Jordan set a card and passed, unable to deal with Silent Honors ARK.

Dirk drew for turn and activated Mystical Space Typhoon on the face down that Jordan had just set, Dimensional Prison. He then summoned another Wolfbark and used it to pull back Wolfbark, overlaid for Tiger King and grabbed Fire Formation-Tensu. Then summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla and struck directly for game.

Dirk Wagner advances after beating Jordan Winters 2-1