Feature Match Round 9: Jacob Mastin(Mermails) vs Sean Coovert(Evilswarm)

Jacob started things off by setting 4 to his backrow and passing.

Sean summoned Evilswarm Kerykeion and attacked into Jacob's Abyssphere. He pulled an Abysslinde the Kerykeion attacked over the Linde, pulling Abyssturge. He used its effect, discarding Abyssmegalo to pull Abysslinde back to his hand. Sean ended his turn by setting 4 to his backrow as well.

Jacob drew Abysspike for turn. He summoned the Abysslinde and Abyssturge attacked into a Fiendish Chain when attempting to topple the Kerykeion.  The Abysslinde then swung on the Kerykeion and pulled another Abyssturge from the deck. However, it was met with the same fate, a Fiendish Chain when it attempted to attack over Kerykeion. In main phase 2 he overlaid the two Abyssturge to summon Bahamut Shark. He used its effect and brought out Abysstrite, then passed.

Sean activated Dark Hole and chained Infestation Pandemic, saving his Kerykeion. Abysstrite triggered, pulling back Abyssmegalo. Sean then summoned another Kerykeion and attempted to overlay into an Evilswarm Ophion, but Jacob pulled the trigger and activated Solemn Warning.

Jacob drew Torrential Tribute for turn, summoned Abysslinde and swung with it and Abyssmegalo. He set a card to his backrow and passed.

Sean drew for turn and after it wasn't what he wanted to see, he dove into the side deck.

Game 2

Sean started game 2 off by summoning Evilswarm O'lantern and activating Dimensional Fissure. He set 3 face downs and passed turn.

Jacob set 3 to his backrow and passed back to Sean.

O'lantern attempted to attack directly and Jacob flipped Abyssphere, but it was met with a Mystical Space Typhoon and the Lantern struck directly.

Jacob simply set a monster and passed back again.

Sean normal summoned Evilswarm Ketos and attempted to swing on Jacob's face down Abysslinde. In response to the attack declaration Jacob activated Mystical Space Typhoon, removing Dimensional Fissure from the field. The attack went through and when Abysslinde attempted to activate in the graveyard it was shut off by Debunk. O'Lantern struck directly and in main phase 2 he attempted to overlay for Evilswarm Ophion, only to have it met with Solemn Warning once again.

Play was back to Jacob, who used Tidal's effect, discarding Abysshilde to send Abyssgunde to the graveyard. Abysshilde resolved and special summoned Abyssturge from Jacob's hand and Abyssgunde special summoned the Abysshilde to the field. Jacob attacked with both directly and in main phase 2 he brought out Aqua Spirit, by banishing the in grave Abyssgunde. He attempted to overlay the Aqua Spirit and Abyssturge into a Bahamut but it was shut off by Black Horn of Heaven. He passed back to Sean.

Sean normal summoned Kerykeion and used its effect, banishing Ophion to get back Ketos. He normal summoned the Ketos and it attacked over Hilde. Kerykeion struck directly and with only 650 life points left, Sean made Gagaga Cowboy for game.

Game 3

Jacob started game 3 off by discarding Atlantean Marksman to special summon Mermail Abyssteus. With its effect he searched Abyssocea. He used its effect to send Abyssteus and special summoned Abyssturge and Abysshilde. From there he overlaid the Abysshilde and Abyssocea for Mechquipped Angineer. He detached Hilde for the Angineer's effect and used Hilde's effect to special summon Abysspike from his hand. He overlaid the Abysspike and Abyssturge for Bahamut Shark, detached Abysspike to special summon Abysstrite, set 2 and ended. A pretty explosive opening.

Sean's opening wasn't anywhere near as stellar. He simply summoned Evilswarm Thunderbird, set 3 and passed.

Jacob drew Abyssteus for turn and went straight to the battle phase. He declared an attack on the Thunderbird with Mechquipped Angineer and Sean chained Infestation Infection, returning Heliotrope as cost. Jacob promptly flipped up Dust Tornado on the Infection, shutting off the search and Sean chained Thunderbird's effect. He then redeclared his attack with Angineer and hit directly alongside Bahamut Shark. In Main phase 2 he used Bahamut to detach and special summon yet another Abysstrite.
Play was back to Sean who summoned Kerykeion and overlaid it with Thunderbird for Exciton Knight. He used its effect, detaching Kerykeion and Jacob chained Abyssphere, then Angineer to save his Bahamut Shark. The Exciton Knight resolved and Sean lost his Dark Illusion and Soul Drain. The Abysslinde that was brought off of Abyssphere resolved, special summoning Abyssturge and the two Abysstrite pulled back Abyssteus and Abysshilde. Sean then used Exciton Knight again to clear the field, sans Bahamut Shark. Hilde's effect activated and Jacob special summoned Abyssteus from his hand. He passed back to Jacob.

Jacob drew Upstart for turn, and simply used Bahamut to attack over Exciton. He set a card and passed.

Sean drew for turn and activated Soul Charge, pulling back Kerykeion and Thunderbird. He overlaid for Excition Knight and cleared the field, then passed turn.

Jacob drew for turn and activated Soul Charge for 2 Abyssteus, Abysstrite, Abyssturge and Abysspike. He overlaid the Abyssturge and Abysspike for Honor Ark. He used Honor Ark to steal Excition Knight. Then the 2 Abyssteus overlaid for Abyssgaios. Unable to have a battle phase due to Soul Charge, he passed back to Sean.

He drew for turn and was unable to deal with all the threats, he offered the handshake.

Jacob Mastin advances to top 16 with Mermails!