Feature Match Top 16 – Patrick Dago (Frogs) vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings).

Feature Match Top 16 – Patrick Dago (Frogs) vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings).

Time to start off the Top 16 round with an interesting matchup: Frog Monarchs VS. Blackwings! Patrick Dago is the one playing Frogs and his opponent is Nicolas Bainville, these guys are at table 2!

Pat wins the die roll and starts by discarding Treebon for to summon Swap Frog and sends Ronintoadin to his grave. He returns it to his hand, sets a monsters and passes his turn. Nick starts off by drawing and activating Black Whirlwind. Upon his summon of Blackwing – Shura, he searches a Blackwing – Kalut off of Whirlwind’s effect. His Shura attacks into a Dupe Frog, which searches another Swap, and he uses Kalut to get over, but doesn’t activate Shura’s effect so that he can use Duality, revealing Bottomless Trap Hole and 2 Blackwing Monsters, adding Bottomless to hand.

On Pat’s turn, before he can bring back Treeborn Frog,


Nickactivates a Vanity’s Emptiness. Pat then uses Dark Hole, clearing Nick’s Shura and Emptiness. Pat then uses Ronintoadin’s effect and tributes it for a Caius, the Shadow Monarch. Nick responds with a Solemn Warning. By discarding Swap Frog, Pat summons another Swap Fro to send Ronintoadin to his grave. After returning Swap Frog, he special summons it again using Tidal to discard, sending another Ronintoadin, which he summons by banishing another Dupe. He overlays his two Frogs for a Daigusto Phoenix. He activates Daigusto Phoenix’s effect on itself, attacks twice and banishes a Swap to summon another Ronintoadin in defense. Nick is down to 3000 life points and Pat is still full.

On Nick’s turn he summons Bora the Spear, triggering Black Whirlwind’s effect to search out a Zephyros the Elite. Using Bora, he attacks over Pat’s Daigusto Phoenix and passes turn. Pat starts his turn by summoning Treeborn Frog via its own effect and then using a normal summoned Effect Veiler to Synchro Summon a Formula Synchron and draw a card. He summons another Daigusto Phoenix using Formula and Ronin but Nick responds with Bottomless and summons two new Ronins from his grave. He overlays them for a Herald of Pure Light and uses its effect to return a Swap to his hand. He discards Tidal to summon the Swap and sends a Dupe from his deck to his grave via Swap Frog’s effect an banishes it to summon a Ronintoadin in defense position.  Pat ends his turn.DSC04493

Nicolas then draws for turn and summons his Zephyros, using Black Whirlwind to search a Gale Whirlwind, targeting Ronin with its effect. He then attacks over Ronin and Herald, dealing some piercing damage, and attacking directly with Zephyros before setting a backrow and overlaying his level  4s for an Abyss Dweller. Pat enters his next turn by normal summoning a Swap Frog, but he is out of targets to he returns it to his hand and passes turn to Nick. Nick then draws and successfully summons Dark Armed Dragon but his direct attack is met with a Battle Fader. Pat draws and passes turn, and Dweller has now been used twice. Nick then attacks but is met with another Battle Fader. On Pat’s following turn Nick flips Imperial Iron Wall and tributes out Battle Fader for his Caius that he just drew, but he cannot use its effect to banish anything so he attacks over Gale. Nick then attacks Caius with Dark Armed Dragon and attacks directly with Abyss Dweller and sets on card before ending.

Pat reveals three cards for Duality, adding Tidal to hand and sets a monster before passing his turn. On Nick’s turn he tributes Dweller for a Sirocco, using Whirlwind to search a Bora, which he special summons, making Pat scoop up his cards and begin siding for Game 2.

Pat starts off Game  2 with Dualit, Treeborn Frog, Light and Darkness Dragon, Tidal, Tragoedia, and Caius. Off of Duality he adds Malevolent Catastrophe to hand and then discards Treeborn with Tidal to send a Ronintoadin to grave. On Nick’s turn, a Bora is summoned and it attacks directly, Pat drops a Tragoedia in defense. Nick then sets a card and passes. On Pat’s turn, Nick uses D.D. Crow to remove Treeborn Frog from Play and Pat tribute summons a Caius using Trag, banishes Bora and attacks directly, which puts Nick down to 4600 life points. He sets a new card and passes. Pat attacks directly again, Nick now has 2200 life points, sets a monster and a backrow and ends. Pat activates Soul Exchange to tribute Nick’s set monster and his own Caius for LADD, Nick responds with Torrential and when LADD negates he activates Skill Drain. When Pat attempts to summon Caius via LADD’s effect, Nick chains Vanity’s Emptiness. Both players pass turn and we are back to Pat, who MSTs the Skill Drain, thus sending Vanity to grave as well. He banishes two monsters for Tidal and attacks for game.


Game 3 starts with Nick activating Whirlwind, summoning Shura and searching Bora the Spear. He sets one and passes. Pat’s opening hand is Treeborn, Trag, Caius, Tidal, Battle Fader, and Malevolent Catastrophe. He discards Tidal and Treeborn to send Ronintoadin to the grave, sets his Mal Cat and ends his turn. Nick normal summons his Bora and uses Whirlwind to search out a Zephyros from his deck to his hand. His direct attack is met by Malevolent Catastrophe and Pat loses life points to both attacks before summoning his Tragoedia in defense position.  Nick sets a card to his backrow and passes turn.

Pat draws a second Battle Fader, changes Tragoedia to attack position and attacks Nick’s Bora but is met by a Kalut, dropping Pat down to 3200 life points. Nick draws for turn and has his attack stopped by a Battle Fader. In his second main phase, Nick makes a Black Ship of Corn and uses it to clear Pat’s Battle Fader. Since he detached Zephyros, he bounced Bora back to hand to summon it, then special summons Bora again to overlay for an Abyss Dweller. Pat passes his next turn and when Nick attacks on his next turn he is met by another Fader, which he clears too. In Pat’s next draw phase Dweller is activated. Nick sets a monster and a backrow and ends his turn. Nick summons Shura and attacks with Black Ship but it changed to defense by Enemy Controller. Shura’s attack is stopped by a 2000-defense Dupe Frog, prompting Nck to set a backrow and end.

Pat draws a Pot of Duality and summons Treeborn Frog by its own effect, he tributes it out for the summon of his Caius, using its effect to banish Black Ship but Imperial Iron Wall goes on the chain as Chain Lin 2 and Bottomless Trap Hole as Chain Link 3, clearing Pat’s Caius and he passes turn to Nick. Nick tributes Dweller for Sirrocco, special summons Kalut and uses them to synchro summon Crimson Blader. Pat gives him the handshake. Blackwings proceed to Top 8!

That’s all for the Top 16 feature match, be sure to check back soon to see what will be feature when we get to Top 8 here at the ARG Metro Series Montreal!DSC04495